Out of Control Mission Guide

You receive a notification from the Belobog Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone: There are malfunctioning robots roaming around the zone, which might be dangerous. This is not your business… But as someone helpful, you should find Molly and ask about the details.

How to Get: Read the message from ‘Restricted Zone Radio‘ from Incoming Message Notification. Can only be triggered after completing Trailblaze Mission – Silent Galaxy (After you talk to Himeko, Welt, and Pom-Pom in the Express)

1. Find Molly and ask about the malfunctioning robots
➥ Teleport to Energy Hub space anchor in Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and follow the navigation towards northwest past a mechanical gate to search for Molly.

2. Retrieve the Core Modules
➥ There are 3 Core Modules and all of them are already marked on the map. There is some fighting involved for 2 of the modules so make sure your party is prepared for combat. Don’t forget you can use the controller to turn the bridge around so you can reach the other side of the area.

3. Report to Molly
➥ Teleport to Energy Hub space anchor again to find Molly and report what you did. Unfortunately, she’s not there but Pela took her place instead.

4. Look for Molly in Belobog Administrative District
➥ Teleport to Goethe Hotel space anchor in Administrative District and follow the navigation to find Molly in front of a house.

5. Return to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and find the criminal mastermind behind this case
➥ Teleport to Energy Hub space anchor in Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and head to the same location you first meet Molly to search for the real perpetrator of this whole mess.

6. Help Molly defeat the corrupt Guards
➥ Defeat the Silvermane Guards to complete the mission. Beware that there are quite a lot of them per wave.

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