Natasha Companion Mission Guide

You receive a message from Oleg, who hopes you can visit Natasha and see what she's up to. Every day, she works tirelessly to look after the patients, so Oleg hopes you can offer her some help.

How to Get: There are 2 quests for Natasha’s Companion Mission, and all 3 of them require you to complete the Trailblaze Mission to a certain degree.
1. Origin of the Medicine
2. Blizzard Immunity

Origin of the Medicine

For the first part of Natasha’s Companion Mission, you need to complete the following requirement:
1. Complete Trial of the Equilibrium: Part One
2. Complete Trailblaze Mission – Not Good with Farewells

1. Go to the clinic and talk to Natasha
➥ Open your Incoming Message Notification and read the message from Oleg. He wants you to help check on Natasha so she’s not burned out. She will ask you to search for 3 of her patients and question them about why they skipped their follow-up visit.

2. Talk to the first patient who skipped the follow-up visit
➥ The first patient is just beside the space anchor in front of the Fight Club.

3. Talk to the second patient who skipped the follow-up visit
➥ The second one is southwest of the Goethe Grand Hotel space anchor.

4. Talk to the third patient who skipped the follow-up visit
➥ From the previous location, the last one is on the southeast right beside a red mailbox. After that, there will be 2 options: ‘Let’s tell Natasha first’ or ‘Let’s investigate the wonder medicine address first.’ I recommend you take the first one because the second one will only bring you to a fight and won’t get anything. Choosing either won’t change the outcome anyway.

5. Report what you found to Natasha
➥ Teleport to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor and talk to her before interacting with 2 patients in the clinic.

6. Find the victim of the “wonder medicine”
➥ Go outside of the clinic and head east to a Lonely Woman right beside a treasure chest (if you didn’t claim it yet). After that, talk to Natasha again to get to the next task.

7. Go to Rivet Town to track down the “wonder medicine”
➥ Teleport to Abandoned Market space anchor in Rivet Town and head southwest to the alleyway. You need to fight some enemies here twice so be careful.

8. Go back to the clinic and talk to Natasha
➥ Teleport to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor and talk to her to end the mission.

Blizzard Immunity

Natasha sends you a message. It seems that she wants to talk about some personal stuff with you. Of course you won’t refuse her invitation. Go meet her at the clinic when you have time.

For the first part of Natasha’s Companion Mission, you need to complete the following requirement:
1. Complete Trailblaze Mission – The Return (After you teleport back to Natasha’s Clinic after defeating Cocolia, Mother of Deception)

1. Talk to Natasha
➥ This time, you will get an Incoming Message Notification from Natasha asking you to meet her. Teleport to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor in Boulder Town and talk to her.

2. Meet Natasha in the Overworld
➥ She asks you to accompany her to visit her parent in the Overworld. Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor in Administrative District. As a gift to her parent, I choose to give them flowers so I don’t know whether other options will affect the next location’s task.

3. Go to the Eversummer Florist
➥ Head northeast following the navigation to reach the floral shop.

4. Talk to Vaska and buy a flower bouquet
➥ When choosing the flowers, Natasha will tell you each of her family member’s favorite flowers. You can talk to Vaska and choose whichever flower you prefer. I choose a bouquet of Ball Peonies.

5. Go to the place where Natasha and her adoptive parents are meeting
➥ Get out from the Eversummer Florist and walk south OR you can directly teleport to Goethe Hotel space anchor to instantly reach the meeting spot.

6. Search for clues left by Vache in the Snow Plains
➥ After reading the letter from Vache to Natasha, you help her to search for clues in the locations. Teleport to Bud of The Hunt or the nearest space anchor in Outlying Snow Plains and head west to an abandoned house buried by the blizzard.

7. Continue searching for clues in the Snow Plains
➥ For the next clue, head east until you see a few Silvermane soldiers. They will tell you the location of the next task.

8. Investigate the abandoned lab
➥ Teleport to Calyx: Bud of Memories and you will automatically enter the mission’s dialogue. There is no way to obtain the clue unless you defeat the enemy. Before fighting the big bad guy, you can choose whether you want to consume the Blizzard Immunity created by Vache or not.

9. Fulfill Natasha’s last request
➥ Now that both of you uncover the truth, Natasha’s last wish is to have a proper headstone for Vache. The mission ends with her being invited as a visitor to the Express. You might come across Natasha when you return to the Express.

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