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Natasha Build Guide

Complete guide to Honkai: Star Rail's character Natasha: We go over the skills, Relics, team recommendations, Eidolons, and Light Cones.
  • Element: Physical
  • Path: The Abundance
  • Role: Healer
  • Recommended Skill Level Priority: Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic


Natasha is a 4⭐ Physical Abundance character that is available by clearing the story. She is also highly sought after in most teams due to the lack of healers in the game, as there are currently only 2 at the moment. While Natasha may not provide as much healing as her 5⭐ counterpart Bailu, she has additional utility built into her kit such as debuff removal.


Basic: While Natasha may use her Basic Attack often to help with skill point generation, her skillset is not catered towards being a Main/Sub damage dealer. Therefore this skill can be left at level 1 if you want to save on skill materials.

Skill: A relatively strong single target healing skill that targets 1 ally, it also applies an additional Regen buff that lasts for 2 turns (3 turns if the Recuperation Trace is unlocked). The Regen will restore the HP of the healed ally at the start of their next turn, however, it is important to note that if the ally is defeated before the healing is able to take place then the regen will not activate. This skill also has a Trace (Sooth) tied to it which allows this skill to dispel 1 debuff from the targeted ally, this can find play in specific boss fights that apply debuffs such as Kafka in Simulated World 5.

Ultimate: A relatively straightforward Ultimate that heals the entire party’s HP based on Natasha’s Max HP. An important thing to note about this ability is that its energy cost is a measly 90 energy, allowing you to spam Natasha’s ultimate often without worry for a long downtime.

Talent: Increasing the amount of healing done when allies are below 30% HP or lower. Another straightforward skill effect that can come in handy if your team/an ally is brought down to below 30% HP and needs to be topped off ASAP.

Technique: Natasha fires her weapon and deals physical damage equal to 80% of her ATK to a random enemy. This has a 100% base chance to Weaken all enemies, while Weakened enemies deal 30% less DMG to allies for 1 turn.

Team Comps

As Natasha is currently part of the only 2 Abundance/Healer characters in the game she is able to find play in almost any type of team regardless of team composition.

Sample Team Comp

  • DPS
  • DMG BUFFER/DPS/Debuffer
  • DMG BUFFER/Debuffer
  • Natasha = Healer

Relics and Stats

Relic Sets

1. Musketeer of Wild Wheat

2. Passerby of Wandering Cloud

Planetary Sets

1. Fleet of the Ageless
Main Stat:
Body: HP%/Outgoing Healing
Boots: SPD
Planet Sphere: HP% 
Link Rope: Energy% / HP%

Sub Stat Priority: SPD > HP%  > DEF%

When choosing between Musketeer of Wild Wheat or Passerby of Wandering Cloud it is important to know what role you want Natasha to fulfill in your team. Musketeer provides additional SPD which allows Natasha to get more turns and in turn, generate more energy and Skill points.

Passerby of Wandering Cloud is another option you can consider if you wish to double down on Natasha’s healing output.


E1: Natasha’s E1 is an auto-heal that triggers if her HP is brought below 30% and only triggers once per battle. An overall decent Eidolon that provides additional defensive utility to Natasha, however, keep in mind that if a damage instance brings her HP to 0 then this talent will not trigger as it is not considered a revive.

E2: When Natasha uses her Ultimate, and grants continuous healing for 1 turn to all allies whose HP is at 30% or lower, the healing takes place during their next turn. An overall decent effect that heals provides additional regen to the entire team with a decent multiplier (6% of Natasha’s Max HP); However, its requirement of having to be below 30% HP to trigger the healing effect is not ideal as if you are already below the 30% threshold you will most likely want to heal that character to full HP.

E4: A relatively straightforward effect, after being attacked regenerates 5 extra Energy. Since you will most likely be positioning Natasha beside a Preservation character, she will most likely be taking damage.

E6: Natasha’s Basic ATK additionally deals Physical DMG equal to 40% of her Max HP. Since Natasha will most likely be Basic Attacking to help with skill point generation this can help somewhat improve overall damage output, just keep in mind that Natasha is a healer and not a Sub-DPS so this Eidolon won’t be that impactful.

Recommended Light Cones


Time Waits for No One Post-Op Conversation Warmth Shortens Cold Nights


Cornucopia Quid Pro Quo

Time Waits for No One: A premium light cone that provides both a mix of defensive and offensive utility. Its first effect increases the HP and Outgoing healing of the wearer, while its second effect records the total amount Outgoing Healing then deals damage to a percentage of the recorded healing when an ally attacks. While this light cone does provide a good amount of survivability, unfortunately, its secondary effect isn’t as relevant as a healer’s main role in a team is not to deal damage.

Post-Op Conversation: A 4* gacha light cone that increases the Energy Regeneration Rate and Outgoing Healing (Ultimate Only) of the wearer. While this light cone provides Energy Regeneration Rate it is important to remember that Natasha should not have any energy problems as her ultimate only costs 90 energy, and while increased healing output is always welcome it sadly does not affect her Skill and its Regen effect.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights: A light cone that is available from the battle pass. It increases the wearer’s Max HP and restores additional HP equal to 2% (Superimpose 1) of the team’s respective Max HP. An overall underwhelming light cone that provides a decent HP boost and a small amount of additional healing. The issue with the healing provided by this light cone is that due to its multiplier being extremely low it is unable to keep up with the amount of damage dealt by enemies in harder content (Memory of Chaos).

Quid Pro Quo:
A F2P light cone that is available from the Light Cone Manifest shop, it generates 8 energy (Superimpose 1) to a random ally whose energy is below 50%. An overall great light cone that helps energy generation to the team, while its random effect can be hard to work around with proper energy management and team rotations it can become a consistent source of energy generation. Do note that if you are lacking in healing output then this light cone’s effect will not benefit you as its main role is to help with energy generation.

After the wearer uses their Basic ATK, their next action will be Advanced Forward by 12%. A light cone with a strong effect tied to it, however, it is often overlooked due to its 3* rarity. Advance Forward is a relatively flexible and strong effect that allows the wearer to take more actions that, in turn, helps with energy generation as both Basic ATKs and Skills generate energy. Its trigger condition is also not difficult to fulfill as you will most likely be Basic Attacking with Natasha to generate skill points.

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