Myriad Celestia Trailer — “Cloud Knights Martial Doctrine, On Swords”

“‘Unequalled by all that have come before, peerless in present, singular in its creation, capable of parting the clouds above, and chasming the earth beneath.’ …This is the sword I desire.”

“Does a sword such as this truly exist in the world?”

A sword, 3 feet and 7 inches in length, that weighs nothing.
It is not forged from any ordinary iron, but condensed from a shaft of sharp ice. It glows with a dim light, as if it is a strand of moonlight held in the wielder’s hand.

English Version

English Voice:
Jingliu — AmaLee
Yanqing — Amber May

Chinese Version

Chinese Voice:
Jingliu — 杜冥鸦
Yanqing — 喵酱

Korean Version

한국어 CV:

Japense Version

Japanese Voice:
Jingliu — 桑島法子
Yanqing — 井上麻里奈


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