Myriad Celestia Trailer — “An Exorcism at Fyxestroll Garden”

When spirits of vile make trespass into the world, the Judges of the Ten-Lords Commission come with intent to capture.
Let the banners wave and the edicts fall. Let banishment be the fate of ill phantoms and let peace come to all.
On that day, the trainee judge received the decree and was ordered to subdue evil spirits…

English Version

English Voice:
Tail — Adam Michael Gold
Huohuo — Courtney Lin
Young Exorcist (Portrayed by Huohuo) — Courtney Lin
Corpse (Portrayed by Xueyi) — Jenny Yokobori
Female Ghost (Portrayed by Hanya) — Suzie Yeung

Chinese Version

Chinese Voice:
Tail — 刘北辰
Huohuo — 葛子瑞
Young Exorcist (Portrayed by Huohuo) — 葛子瑞
Corpse (Portrayed by Xueyi) — 溯浔
Female Ghost (Portrayed by Hanya) — 张雨曦

Korean Version

한국어 CV:
꼬마 도사(곽향 역)——김채린
강시(설의 역)——박리나
여자 귀신(한아 역)——윤은서

Japanese Version

Japanese Voice:
Tail — 平林剛
Huohuo — 長縄まりあ
Young Exorcist (Portrayed by Huohuo) — 長縄まりあ
Corpse (Portrayed by Xueyi) — 河瀬茉希
Female Ghost (Portrayed by Hanya) — 鈴代紗弓


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