Memory of Chaos Stage 8 Guide (V1.3)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

Memory Turbulence

➥ Summons a Trotter at the beginning of each wave or each cycle. The Trotter takes 200% more DMG from Basic ATKs and DoT effects. When defeated, recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Enemies Lineup

Team Recommendations

Node 1
Recommended Elements: Quantum & Wind
Bring at least one AoE DPS so you will have an easier time against Aurumaton and its trusty Dragonfishes. But if you don’t have any spare Erudition, bring Physical MC as a replacement to Weakness Break those Dragonfishes.

Node 2
Recommended Elements: Ice & Fire
If your team doesn’t have the capability to brute force, bring along a shielder that has high Taunt or specifically has a Taunt Skill to soak all the damage from Malefic Ape. It deals huge single-target damage so a shielder is really recommended here.


Node 1: Aurumaton Gatekeeper & Ice Out of Space

➥ Start the battle with a Lightning attack to Weakness Break the Golden Cloud Toad. The less chance they attack you the better. If you bring an Erudition character, save their Ultimate until the Gatekeeper summons another 2 Dragonfishes. This way, you can damage all 5 enemies in the wave. But if you don’t bring any Erudition and bring Destruction instead, try to deplete the first 2 Dragonfishes to Critical Health before more comes.

➥ When this Gatekeeper summons the 2 Illumination Dragonfish (or only 1 when there’s not enough space; maximum enemies are 5), make sure to kill the fish with the lowest HP so it can quickly explode. Once it’s exploded, it deals Fire DMG to every opponent with a chance to reduce their DEF (and may create a chain of explosions if other Dragonfishes also have Critical Health).

➥ When the Gatekeeper enters Sanction mode, its Enchainment attacks deal massive Imaginary DMG on top of Imprisonment, so hopefully your shielder has finished creating the shield for your whole team (or a healer that is ready to heal everyone), otherwise the characters that were targeted with this attack might not survive. You can remove the Imprisonment debuff by cleansing it (unless the one being Imprisoned is your healer).

➥ In the second wave, both enemies are very annoying because one can freeze you while another one will keep summoning more mobs. In my opinion, it’s better to focus on the Aurumaton first because you really don’t want more enemies on the field as that will make your characters quickly dies. With so many enemies, it’s just another reason why AoE DPS is greatly appreciated here.

Node 2: Abundance Sprite: Malefic Ape & Stormbringer

➥ Start the battle with any elements that matches with Wooden Lupus’s Weakness (Fire, Wind & Imaginary) because you want to defeat it as soon as possible. Its skill can summon a shadow wolf with the same current HP as itself. Although you can’t stop it from using the skill, you can make sure the shadow wolf’s HP is low by attacking the real one. Focus on the Wooden Lupus and deplete its HP as fast as you can before it can use the skill.

➥ The Malefic Ape will focus and target the last character that uses Skill, so you should time your Skills wisely, or just make sure the last one using Skill has a decent HP because the Ape deals huge single-target DMG. Look at the left corner to see your character and enemies’ rotation to decide who will be the last one using Skill to trigger the Malefic Ape gaze.

➥ In the second wave, you should focus on the Stormbringer first because it is the only enemy that can deal damage to multiple targets, unlike the Malefic Ape that like to focus on one person.

➥ Stormbringer can inflict Wind Shear on your characters, which in turn will be targeted by its Windfall Storm attacks in the next turn (Kind of its Ultimate attack). The Windfall Storm attack is really hurtful unless your characters have a shield, so you can prevent it by triggering Weakness Break or cleansing the Wind Shear on your party members (But I recommend bringing a shielder before in the team recommendation so have a shield instead of removing the debuff).


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