Memory of Chaos Stage 7 Guide (V1.3)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

Memory Turbulence

➥ Summons a Trotter at the beginning of each wave or each cycle. The Trotter takes 200% more DMG from Basic ATKs and DoT effects. When defeated, recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Enemies Lineup

Team Recommendations

Node 1
Recommended Elements: Lightning & Fire
In this Node, there are not too many enemies so a single-target or Blast DPS is more recommended than an AoE DPS. But, one enemy does have the ability the summon more mobs so a Blast character is definitely preferred.

Node 2
Recommended Element: Imaginary & Ice
Although the first wave spawns many enemies, the second wave does not. So a single-target DPS is more recommended so you can have an easier time defeating the elite enemies in the second wave. Unfortunately, the best elements here – Ice & Imaginary – don’t have a single-target DPS yet so Herta is the only best Ice option here (for F2P).


Node 1: Decaying Shadow & Frigid Prowler

➥ The mob and elite enemies here have different Weaknesses so use any attacks that you want. In this first wave, focus on the Incineration Shadewalkers but stop whenever Decaying Shadow uses Binding of the Golden Age skill. Then, change the target and focus on the Decaying Shadow.

➥ When Decaying Shadow uses the said skill and has 9 stacks of Gauge Recollection, immediately change the target and focus on her. Do everything in your power to decrease her stack as much as possible. During her next action, she will use the remaining Gauge Recollection she had to deal Liberation of the Golden Age. The more stack she has, the higher the damage she will deal. It will be even better if you can trigger Weakness Break so this ability will fail to activate.

➥ In the second wave, similar to the previous one, focus on the Frigid Prowler and switch the target to Decaying Shadow when she has Gauge Recollection on. There’s also the problem of Frigid Prowler summoning 2 Everwinter Shadewalkers. Try your best to defeat those 2 before the next turn. If any of those 2 summon Shadewalkers are still alive by the next turn, Frigid Prowler will devour one of them and increase its ATK. But, if there are no Everwinter Shadewalkers on the field, its DEF is decreased.

➥ If possible, you also would want to remove the Deep Freeze debuff from your character. For each stack of Deep Freeze, the character’s ice resistance will be reduced by 20%, and their speed will be reduced by 12%. If you stack up to 3 layers of Deep Freeze, your character’s Ice resistance will be reduced by 60%, and the attacks will turn from being hit by a motorcycle to being hit by a truck. You can remove this buff using a cleanser like Natasha and Luocha’s skill.

Node 2: Stormbringer & Searing Prowler

➥ Start your battle with Imaginary or Ice attacks to reduce Toughness bar. Then, focus on defeating the Everwinter Shadewalker before the Incineration Shadewalker. You don’t want your character’s SPD to fall down.

➥ Stormbringer can inflict Wind Shear on your characters, which in turn will be targeted by its Windfall Storm attacks in the next turn (Kind of its Ultimate attack). The Windfall Storm attack is really hurtful unless your characters have a shield, so you can prevent it by triggering Weakness Break or cleansing the Wind Shear on your party members.

➥ In the second wave, you will face both Stormbringer and Searing Prowler. For the Searing Prowler, one of the Skill (Combustion Slash) that can be seen in the image above deals Blast attack, so if you bring a character that can Taunt or a Preservation character in general, make sure to put them in the first or last slot so only 2 characters will get hit instead of 3 if the elite enemy targets them. This attack prioritizes the target inflicted with Burn, so you can actually control who it will attack next by removing the debuff on a certain character and letting the tanky one have the debuff so the elite enemy targets them.


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