Memory of Chaos Stage 6 Guide (V1.3)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

Memory Turbulence

➥ Summons a Trotter at the beginning of each wave or each cycle. The Trotter takes 200% more DMG from Basic ATKs and DoT effects. When defeated, recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Enemies Lineup

Team Recommendations

Node 1
Recommended Elements: Quantum & Physical
Quantum and Physical are important in this stage because almost all enemies have said elements as weaknesses and you really need to Weakness Break so you won’t take unnecessary damage. The reason you should bring a shielder is to taunt more enemies to attack the shielder (especially those who can inflict a debuff like Blaze Out of Space). That is, unless your characters have great survivability (decent HP and DEF), and you can wrap the shielder to a buffer/debuffer.

Node 2
Recommended Elements: Imaginary & Lightning
Another shielder is recommended here because both elite enemies love to lock-on to ally. Your shielder can help protect the targeted character or even taunt the enemies themselves. But if you have a trusted healer, not bringing a shielder is not a problem. There are many enemies in each wave so haveing an AoE or Blast character are more suitable than a single-target DPS.


Node 1: Blaze Out of Space & Guardian Shadow

➥ Start the battle with either Quantum or Wind attacks to at least reduce the Toughness bar of 2 enemies (since most enemies have different Weakness). In this first wave, you want to focus on the lone Everwinter Shadewalker first because we don’t want him to delay your character’s action. Only after that, you should focus on the Incineration Shadewalkers and the Blaze Out of Space.

➥ After that, all that is left is the elite enemy. The one thing you need to note is its ability to inflict Enkindle on your characters, making them take Fire DMG at the beginning of each turn. Obviously, your shield can’t help with this debuff, so a healer is the only way to cleanse it. But even without a healer, your character should be able to tank the damage if they’re fully built and only have one stack of Enkindle. If the characters are inflicted with many stacks of Enkindle, remove the debuff or your characters might be defeated in the next turn (like my Silver Wolf above).

➥ In the second wave, there are Guardian Shadow, Imaginary Weaver, and another Blaze Out of Space. Among all 3 of them, focus on the Imaginary Weaver first to reduce the number of enemies. When there are only 2 of them left, focus on the Guardian Shadow until she uses the Tranquil Ban that bans your team from attacking here.

➥ When she uses a Tranquil Ban that prevents you from attacking her, focus on the Blaze Out of Space until the next turn when the ban is removed. This way, you don’t have to take unnecessary damage from her Counter.

Node 2: Gepard & Automaton Direwolf

➥ Start the challenge with either Imaginary or Lightning attacks. In this first wave, focus on the Automaton Hound as it has the ability to recover all of its allies’ HP. After that, it’s the Automaton Beetle and Silvermane Cannoneer’s turn to die. Remember that the traffic light enemy (Automaton Beetle) can gain a Barrier that nullifies one attack. Make sure to NOT use your Ultimate on them when it has its barrier on. It will be such a waste of Ultimate. Instead, use Normal Attack on them first to remove the Barrier, only after that you can use the Ultimate.

➥ This Automaton here only deals single-target damage, so your team should be able to survive its attacks with a decent healer/shielder. One attack that you need to be careful of is the one where it locks on your character. In the next turn, Automaton Direwolf will deal massive damage to that character + a chance to inflict Bleed (Felling Order). If the locked-on character does not have a Shield when hit by this Felling Order, Automaton Direwolf will have an Extra Attack that deals damage to a random ally.

➥ In the second wave, you want to focus on Gepard instead of the Automataton Direwolf. You want to remove him as fast as possible to avoid him summoning more Soldiers. Aside from summoning, Gepard will also provide a shield to all his allies. That Barrier nullifies the next received attack, so make sure you use Normal Attack/Skill on the shielded enemy to remove the Barrier first before you use any Ultimates.

➥ After Gepard dies along with all his summoned soldiers, you should be able to have an easy time dealing with Automaton Direwolf.


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