Memory of Chaos Stage 4 Guide (V1.3)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

Memory Turbulence

➥ Summons a Trotter at the beginning of each wave or each cycle. The Trotter takes 200% more DMG from Basic ATKs and DoT effects. When defeated, recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Enemies Lineup

Team Recommendations

Node 1
Recommended Elements: Wind & Fire
If your team doesn’t have the capability to brute force, bring along a shielder that has high Taunt or specifically has a Taunt Skill to soak all the damage from Malefic Ape. It deals huge single-target damage so a shielder is really recommended here. Of course, don’t forget about a healer to keep the team in tip-top shape because there are many other enemies that can deal AoE damage to you.

Node 2
Recommended Elements: Imaginary & Ice
First thing first, Pela is extremely recommended here (or any other character that can remove debuff) so you can remove the Vigor Drain buff from the Disciple of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter. You really don’t want him to keep that buff and keep healing himself over and over again. After that, an AoE or Blast damage dealer is recommended so you can focus on both the elite enemies and the Mara-Struck Soldiers that it will summon.


Node 1: Ice Out of Space

Quantum is the best element to start the battle with, but if you don’t bring any, then Physical is the second best. This is because you want to focus on the Imaginary Weavers before they can deal all sorts of AoE damage on your team before focusing on the Elite Enemy.

➥ The Ice Out of Space is just a normal boss with decent skills, nothing special to note. The only notable thing is that your characters might get Frozen every so often with its Everwinter Rain, but we can’t really help with that except by waiting until your characters recover by themselves (or you use a cleanser).

Node 1: Abundance Sprite: Malefic Ape

➥ Start the battle with a Wind attack to inflict damage on the Toughness Bar of both the Malefic Ape and Wooden Lupus (aka the main enemies you need to focus on). In fact, you can actually leave the Golden Hound until the end because that one is not really a threat. Of course, it’s better if you defeat it sooner than later.

➥ Wooden Lupus is the main priority before the Malefic Ape because it has a skill that can summon a shadow wolf (Shadow Jackhyena) with the same current HP as itself. Although you can’t stop it from using the skill, you can make sure the shadow wolf’s HP is low by attacking the real one.

➥ The Malefic Ape will focus and target the last character that uses Skill, so you should time your Skills wisely, or just make sure the last one using Skill has a decent HP because the Ape deals huge single-target DMG. Look at the left corner to see your character and enemies’ rotation to decide who will be the last one using Skill to attract the Malefic Ape gaze.

➥ Its ‘exhaustion’ state doesn’t last long (until its next turn), but you certainly want to take advantage of it and deal with all sorts of Skills and Ultimates before it comes back up again (even better if you can Weakness Break it and delay its action even longer).

Node 2: Stormbringer

➥ Start the battle with an Imaginary attack because all enemies are weak to said element. There are 3 Incineration Shadewalkers that you should focus on first, but if you bring along an AoE DPS, it should not be an issue because their HP is not that high anyway.

➥ Stormbringer can inflict Wind Shear on your characters, which in turn will be targeted by its Windfall Storm attacks in the next turn (Kind of its Ultimate attack). The Windfall Storm attack is really hurtful unless your characters have a shield, so you can prevent it by triggering Weakness Break or cleansing the Wind Shear on your party members (But I recommend bringing a shielder before in the team recommendation so have a shield instead of removing the debuff).

Node 2: Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter

➥ Start with an Imaginary attack to reduce every enemy’s Toughness Bar. In this wave, you want to defeat the 2 Internal Alchemists as soon as possible. Their attacks are not high, but one of their skill is troublesome.

➥ Those Alchemists can inflict Spur of Thunderwoe (debuff) to your character. If the Alchemist dies with the debuff still affecting your character, the enemy will explode and deal Lightning DMG to the said character. Those damages are nothing to laugh at either (especially if your characters are squishy or have low HP). However, you can remove the debuff using a cleanser or take it like a champ before healing your character using a healer.

➥ Depending on whether you bring Pela or not; if you bring her, make sure to use her Skill whenever the elite enemy uses his Mara Summon ability to summon 2 Mara-Struck Soldiers (1 in the image above because the maximum of enemies are 5). This will remove his hit recovery buff (When hitting a target, he will drain their HP) and prevent him from healing himself over and over again. If you don’t bring Pela (or other characters that can remove debuff), your only option is to defeat the summoned Mara-Struck Soldiers which honestly is a waste of turn unless you bring a strong Erudition character.


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