Memory of Chaos Stage 3 Guide (V1.3)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

Memory Turbulence

➥ Summons a Trotter at the beginning of each wave or each cycle. The Trotter takes 200% more DMG from Basic ATKs and DoT effects. When defeated, recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Enemies Lineup

Team Recommendations

Node 1
Recommended Element: Quantum, Ice & Physical
Physical or Quantum is a must here because most enemies have the said Weakness. Since there are enemies tat can inflict debuffs on your characters here, it’s better to have a healer that can cleanse your character from all those sicknesses.

Node 2
Recommended Elements: Imaginary & Lightning
While for Node 2, it is either Imaginary & Lightning element that is a must. But the best is definitely Imaginary because the majority of the enemies here are weak against it. If the enemies in Node 1 love to inflict debuff, the enemies in this Node like to Lock-On to a single character. That’s why having a shielder is beneficial here so they can soak up all those damages.


Node 1: Silvermane Lieutenant

➥ Start the battle with either Wind or Quantum attacks (the latter is the best). Focus on the 2 Silvermane Soldiers because of their ability to reduce your character’s DEF. Although the attack itself is weak, once your character has DEF Reduction, the Silvermane Lieutenant’s attacks will be much more dangerous.

➥ This elite enemy loves to summon his lackey and use his Shield Reflect ability, which allows him to enter the Counter state. If you still want to attack him in this state, make sure your characters are shielded or have a full HP because the Pierce counterattack deals huge damage (especially for characters with low HP). Remember that the Counter state is irremovable.

Node 1: Blaze Out of Space

➥ Ignoring Silver Wolf’s powerful Technique in the image above, you can start the battle with either a Physical or other Quantum attack if you don’t have Silver Wolf. If you didn’t bring any AoE character, let your single-target DPS focus on the Imaginary Weavers first because they can deal huge AoE damage.

➥ After that, all that is left is the elite enemy. The only thing you need to note is its ability to inflict Enkindle on your characters, making them take Fire DMG at the beginning of each turn. Obviously, your shield can’t help with this debuff, so a healer is the only way to cleanse it. But even without a healer, your character should be able to tank the damage if they’re fully built.

Node 2: Searing Prowler

➥ The best element to start is either Imaginary or Ice. As usual, focus on the 2 Incineration Shadewalker first to avoid taking too much damage at once. They can only deal Fire DMG to a single target, but with a chance to Burn the target.

Searing Prowler deals Combustion Slash on Natasha because she has the Burn debuff

➥ One of the Skill (Combustion Slash) that can be seen in the image above deals Blast attack, so if you bring a character that can Taunt or a Preservation character in general, make sure to put them in the first or last slot so only 2 characters will get hit instead of 3 if the elite enemy targets them. This attack prioritizes the target inflicted with Burn, so you can actually control who it will attack next by removing the debuff on a certain character and letting the tanky one have the debuff so the elite enemy targets them.

Node 2: Gepard

➥ Unfortunately, not all enemies have the same weaknesses so if you have to choose, start with Imaginary or Physical attacks so that it can reduce the Toughness bar of both Gepard and one Soldier. Focus on the Silvermane Soldier > Cannoneer to avoid getting your character’s DEF reduced.

➥ Aside from summoning a Silvermane Soldier/Cannoneer, Gepard will also provide a shield to his ally. That Barrier nullifies the next received attack, so make sure you use Normal Attack/Skill on the shielded enemy to remove the Barrier first before you use any Ultimates.

➥ When there are only two enemies (including Gepard), focus on Gepard instead of the mob- even if the mob is Silvermane Cannoneer. You want to inflict Weakness Break on Gepard as fast as possible to prevent him from summoning more Silvermane Soldiers.


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