Memory of Chaos Stage 1 Guide (V1.3)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3.

Memory Turbulence

➥ Summons a Trotter at the beginning of each wave or each cycle. The Trotter takes 200% more DMG from Basic ATKs and DoT effects. When defeated, recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Enemies Lineup

Recommended Teams

Node 1
Recommended Elements: Lightning & Fire
Both elite enemies in Node 1 are weak to Lightning so that element is priority #1. [Frigid Prowler] has the ability to summon more [Everwinter Shadewalker], so having Quantum or Physical elements really helps since they are weak to those 2 elements. Lastly, it’s a matter of a healer since some enemies can deal AoE damage and your healer need to keep the team in tip-top condition.

Node 2
Recommended Elements: Imaginary & Wind
Both elite enemies in Node 2 are weak to Imaginary and Wind, so make sure to bring one of those two elements. Pela is extremely recommended here. Her skill can remove the recovery buff from [Disciples of Sanctus Medicus], where if it hits your characters, it will drain your HP and recover itself. Shielder is better on Node 2 than Node 1 because Voidranger: Trampler will lock on to a target but need 1 turn to attack said character. You can use your shielder to create a shield on the locked-on character beforehand.


Node 1: Frigid Prowler

➥ If you bring any Fire element, use that to start the battle and Weakness Break for all enemies. But if you don’t have any Fire, the next best element is Quantum. Out of the 2 mobs, focus on the Everwinter Shadewalker since his attack can delay your character’s action.

Deep Freeze debuff can be seen on Natasha

➥ For Frigid Prowler, when casting Ice Wheel Crusher, this big boss has a high chance to inflict Deep Freeze debuff on your characters. For each stack of Deep Freeze, the character’s ice resistance will be reduced by 20%, and their speed will be reduced by 12%.
➥ If you stack up to 3 layers of Deep Freeze, your character’s Ice resistance will be reduced by 60%, and the attacks will turn from being hit by a motorcycle to being hit by a truck. You can remove this buff using a cleanser like Natasha and Luocha’s skill!

➥ With 3 initial enemies + 1 Warp Trotter on the field, Frigid Prowler can only summon 1 Everwinter Shadewalker because of lack of spaces (maximum 5 enemies at a time). But if you already kill any enemies beforehand, the boss can summon 2 Everwinter Shadewalkers. Once it spawns, defeat the Everwinter Shadewalker because if it is still alive by the next turn, Frigid Prowler will devour one of them and increase its ATK. But, if there are no Everwinter Shadewalkers on the field, its DEF is decreased.

➥ If you bring a team that requires lots of Skill Points (like Qingque or Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae) you should prioritize the Warp Trotter. But if not, you can just ignore it and focus on the Frigid Prowler. It’s not like there’s any penalty for letting it run away. Remember that it takes 200% more damage from Basic ATKs and DoT effects.

Node 1: Decaying Shadow

➥ Start the battle with Lightning element to reduce all enemies’ Toughness Bar or even Weakness Break them. Among those 3, make sure to focus on the 2 Imaginary Weavers because they deal AoE damage. But if you bring Erudition, just focus everything on Decaying Shadow and let the Erudition deal with the mobs.

➥ Whenever the Decaying Shadow uses its Binding of the Golden Age, she will have 9 Gauge Recollection on her back. Use everything in your power to decrease her stack as much as possible. During her next action, she will use the remaining Gauge Recollection she had to deal Liberation of the Golden Age. The more stack she has, the higher the damage she will deal. It will be even better if you can trigger Weakness Break so this ability will fail to activate.

Node 2: Disciples of Sanctus Medicus Shape Shifter

➥ Start the battle with Wind or Ice attacks to reduce every enemy’s Toughness Bar. From the start, keep attacking the elite enemy (except for the Warp Trotter if you want extra Skill Points). This is because the Shape Shifter will keep summoning more Mara-Struck Soldiers. It’s better to focus on the big boss than the pawns. Your characters that can deal AoE or Blast attacks should be able to take the mobs out.

Elite enemy with Draining Hit buff

➥ The most important thing here is to bring Pela when fighting the Disciples. Use her Skill to remove the hit recovery buff of the Disciples, otherwise, that elite enemy can absorb a LOT of HP and make him pretty invisible since he keeps healing.

Use Pela’s Skill to remove the hit recovery buff on the elite enemy

➥ If you don’t have Pela (or any character that can remove a debuff on enemies), another option is to defeat the two Mara-Struck Soldiers that he summons until they die for the first time. After they use their Rebirth skill (revive and restore 50% HP), it won’t matter anymore, and move on to the next Mara-Struck Soldier. Only after the 2 Mara-Struck Soldiers are gone will the hit recovery buff on the elite enemy disappear.

Node 2: Voidranger Trampler

➥ The Weaknesses in this Node are different on each enemy so you can’t reduce their Toughness Bar easily. The best element to start the battle here is Quantum since 3 enemies have them. Once the challenge starts, defeat the 2 Antibaryons because once defeated, you can get free Energy.

➥ The one ability you need to be careful of is Spiral Arrow, where it locks onto a single target. Then, in the next action, it will deal massive Quantum damage to that locked character. Make sure you have a Shield on the targeted character so they can survive or you can use Taunt to redirect that attack.
➥ Another option to cancel that ability is to inflict a Weakness Break on the elite enemy while it is still casting so it will be interrupted.


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