March 7th

March 7th Build Guide

  • The Preservation – Ice
  • Role: Shielder or Freeze Support/Sub DPS
  • Skill Priority: Skill > Ultimate > Talent > Basic


March 7th is a 4* Ice Preservation character that is given to the player for free. March 7th is able to fit in several teams as a defensive option to either provide shields to allies or herself for tanking. She can also be played as a freeze support just keep in mind that you may want to invest in Effect Hit Rate to help with freeze consistency. 


Basic: While March 7th may use her Basic Attack often to help with skill point generation, her skillset is not catered towards being a Main/Sub damage dealer. Therefore this skill can be left at level 1 if you want to save on skill materials. 

Skill: The highlight of March 7th’s kit, her skill provides a shield to 1 ally that lasts 3 turns (4 turns with Trace). The shield’s HP scales by a % of March 7th’s DEF + a flat value, and increases the chance of enemies targeting the ally with the shield. Being able to force aggro onto another character synergizes well with Clara’s kit who prefers to be attacked to proc Counters. Finally, March 7th’s skill is able to remove 1 debuff from an ally which makes her a decent choice against debuff-heavy enemies. 

Ultimate: March 7th deals ice DMG to all enemies on the field with a 50%(65% with trace) base chance to apply Frozen. Unfortunately, this Ultimate has a low base chance to Freeze enemies so it may be best to not rely on the Freeze effect. 

Talent: When a shielded character is attacked by an enemy, March 7th immediately Counters. The Counter is considered a Follow-Up attack and can only be triggered 2 times each turn, another important thing to note is that ANY shield applied on an ally can trigger this talent. 

Technique: Attacks the enemy. After entering battle, there is a 100.0% base chance to Freeze a random enemy for 1 turn.

Team Comps

  • DPS
  • DPS/Damage Buffer/Debuffer
  • Healer/Damage Buffer
  • March 7th = Shielder

As March 7th is a universally strong Tank/Taunter she can fit into any type of team. Fill the roles on the team comp above as you see fit.

  • Clara = DPS
  • March 7th = Shielder/Taunter
  • Tingyun = Damage Buffer
  • Natasha/Bailu = Healer

Clara gets a special mention for March 7th, as Clara highly benefits from having aggro drawn to her for Counters and the shield generation helps Clara survivability in longer fights. Tingyun’s main role in this team is to buff Clara and generate energy to help with ult uptime. Finally, Natasha/Bailu fits into the last slot mainly to help keep the team’s HP topped off.

Relics and Stats

Relic Sets

1. Knight of Purity Palace 4pc

Planetary Sets

1. Fleet of the Ageless
2. Belobog of Architects
Main Stat
Body: DEF%/Effect Hit Rate
Boots: SPD
Planet Sphere: DEF%
Link Rope: DEF% or Energy Regen Rate

Sub Stat Priority
DEF% > SPD > HP% = Effect Hit Rate


E1: Every time March 7th’s Ultimate Freezes a target, she regenerates 6 energy. If you have E1 you want to consider building a bit of Effect Hit Rate to help with freeze consistency. 

E2: Upon entering battle, grants a shield to an ally with the lowest HP percentage lasting for 3 turns. A decent eidolon that helps with team survivability. 

E4: Counter can now be triggered 1 more time each turn and increases the DMG dealt by 30% of March 7th’s DEF. This Eidolon adds split scaling damage to March 7th’s counter and the additional Counter proc can apply Weakness Break. Note that if you decide to build March 7th as a shielder the damage from the counter may not be impactful. 

E6: Allies with March 7th’s shield now restore 4% of their Max HP + 106 at the start of each turn, while the healing provided by this Eidolon isn’t much; it is still a welcome addition to her kit.

Recommended Light Cones


Moment of Victory Day One of My New Life Trend of the Universal Market This Is Me!


Amber We Are Wildfire

Moment of Victory: A premium 5* light cone which is currently BIS for March 7th. Its first effect increases the DEF and Effect Hit Rate of the wearer, not only does this light cone provide a massive boost to March 7th’s shield, the increase to her Effect Hit Rate helps with her Freeze consistency on her Ultimate. Its secondary effect increases the wearer’s chance to be attacked and DEF by an additional % if the wearer is attacked (This effect lasts until the end of the wearer’s turn).

Trend of the Universal Market: A 4* gacha light cone, which provides a mix of both defensive and offensive utility. It increases the wearer’s DEF and applies Burn to an enemy if the wearer is attacked (This burn scales off the wearer’s DEF). While this light cone may provide a decent boost to DEF, it, unfortunately, has an offensive secondary effect that most tanks are unable to fully take advantage of as they would rather gain more defensive utility.

This Is Me!: A 4* gacha light cone, it provides a mix of both defensive and offensive utility. It increases the wearer’s DEF and increases the DMG of the wearer’s ultimate by a % of DEF. Another unfortunate case of a light cone trying to provide offensive utility to the Preservation path similar to Trend of the Universal Market, currently most Preservation characters would prefer more defensive utility.

Day One of My New Life: A 4* gacha-only light cone that helps with the wearer and team’s survivability. It increases the wearer’s DEF by 16% (Superimpose 1) and increases the DMG RES of all allies by 8% after entering battle. An overall strong light cone that helps increase the HP of March 7th’s shield while also providing team utility with its DMG RES increase for the entire party. A minor thing to note about this light cone is that the DEF increase provided by its effect scales to a maximum of 24% which is worse than other alternatives such as This is Me! and Trend of the Universal Market which reaches 32% at Superimpose 5.

We Are Wildfire: A F2P 4* Preservation light cone that is available from the cumulative rewards from Shield shop and Light Cone Manifest, making it quite accessible to Superimpose 5. An overall strong light cone that decreases the damage taken by all allies for 5 turns, and at the same time immediately restores HP to all allies equal to 30% of their HP difference between the characters’ Max and current HP. With this light cone being free all players should have at least 1 copy of this light cone. However do note that since this light cone does not have an effect that increases the wearer’s DEF, if you wish to focus on increasing the HP of March 7th’s shield then there may be better alternatives.

Amber: A budget light cone that is only available in gacha, due to its 3* rating it is relatively accessible to all players at Superimpose 5. A straightforward light cone which increases the DEF of the wearer by 32% (Superimpose 5), and increases by an additional 32% if the wearer’s current hp is below. Keep in mind that due to its 3* rarity, it will have lower base stats when compared to other 4* options.

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