Lynx Companion Mission Guide

Lynx, the youngest of the Landau siblings, is extremely adventurous. This also makes her elder siblings extremely worried...


Compete Companion Mission ‘Only A Child
➥ Once you complete the mission above, Serval and Gepard will message you.

Trailblaze EXP x400
Stellar Jade x100
Traveler’s Guide x8
Lost Crystal x6
Sprout of Life x6
Credit x80000

Farther Than The Snow Plains

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Head to the Museum Finishing Room to find the Landau siblings
➥ Once you read the message from the siblings, head to the Belobog Museum to find them. They will request you to find and take care of their little sister.

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Head to the Administrative District exit near the Outlying Snow Plains and find Lynx
➥ Teleport to Golden Theater space anchor and you will meet Lynx in just a few steps. The ‘stranger’ that the older siblings mentioned turns out just to be Pela as both of them are going camping.

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Find a suitable camping spot
➥ You can’t use the map function here so follow the quest navigation to find a suitable camping spot. You can sprint past the enemies if you don’t want to enter any battle. Take advantage of the Sustenance Anchor to heal your party.

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Collect the Geomarrow Activation Element and food
➥ Once again, follow the navigation to investigate 4 spots to find a component and collect foods. You can still avoid battles by sprinting away from the enemy, but there are many of them in this area so be careful. At the farthest spot, you will find an item connecting to the one and only Sampo Koski, or as Lynx called him- Belobog Caveman.

Return to the camp and prepare dinner
➥ Go to the camp and you will see a Warp Trotter at the site. Take a picture of it and investigate the items left by the trotter. If you get close to the trotter without taking a picture, you will enter a battle. But since you can only use Lynx and Pela, the trotter will run away successfully (but still drop the items needed).

Fix the heater
➥ Complete the Magflow Link puzzle by tapping on the corresponding terminal like in the image above. After a heartful moment with Pela and Lynx, an enemy will appear and Trailblazer will finally come out from hiding to help them fight it.

Report your findings from the Snow Plains to the Landau siblings
➥ On the next day, after escorting the ladies to the Administrative District, meet up with the older Landau siblings in Serval’s workshop.

Head to the museum to find the two
➥ Out from the workshop, Lynx will message you and order you to go to the museum. She tells you more about Pela’s backstory (with her permission of course).

Listen to all the Landau siblings talk to each other
➥ Finally, bring Lynx to Serval’s workshop for a nice reunion with the Landau siblings and you will complete the mission.


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