Luocha Companion Mission Guide

Luocha, the cryptic Outworld merchant, looked so similar to that person... Looks like it's a job for genius detective March 7th!

1) Reach Trailblaze Level 34 or higher
2) Complete Trailblaze Mission ‘Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns’

1. Speak with Dahao at the Realm-Keeping Commission
➥ Teleport to Court of Tranquility space anchor in Exalting Sanctum. Head north towards the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery.

2. Speak with Jingyan and check the video recording the cycrane took
➥ When Jingyan retrieves the footage, you need to sort them in the correct order. The right order is 4, 2, 3, 1.

3. Find Yinshu, the shopkeeper of Spare Time Book Shop, at the Exalting Sanctum
➥ Get out from the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery and head to the bookstore near the space anchor. Unfortunately, she’s not there and you need to investigate the area.

4. Talk to Yunshen to find out Yinshu’s whereabout
➥ After investigating the papers on the ground, on the counter, and beside the shop (or you can skip all these), talk to Yunshen on the left side of the counter. At the end of the conversation, if you choose ‘We have no money, but we can pay you with a beatdown?’ you will obtain Research Records: Intimidating.
But if you choose ‘I’ll pay you, but don’t even think about lying,’ you will obtain Research Records: Bribing.

5. Find Yinshu at the Exalting Sanctum and talk to her
➥ Yinshu is just to the west of the bookstore, you can find her standing in front of a board. You will get Research Records “Title Page” after talking to Yinshu.

6. Return to the Realm-Keeping Commission and learn about the new clues of the case from Jingyan
➥ Jingyan will message you for a new finding, so return to the Realm-Keeping Commission.

7. Collaborate with March 7th to put on her detective show
➥ Genius Detective March 7th is confident to reveal the truth about Luocha’s suspicious behavior, so play along with her detective show.

8. Pry open the lock of the door that seals the dock. Here’s the solution to complete the Abacus Circuitry puzzle:
1. Select button 2 and rotate left 3 times
2. Select button 3 and rotate left 1 time
3. Select button 1 and rotate left 2 times

9. Reach the meeting point and start the dangerous trade
➥ When you meet Welt (Fake), give him the second item on the list named Research Records “Title Page.” (Hold the item to see the name of the item you have)

10. Leave the Realm-Keeping Commission and check out the “scene of the crime”
➥ After all the shenanigan March 7th put us through (which I enjoyed), get out of the Realm-Keeping Commission to go to the crime scene.

11. Listen to what Jingyan is telling Back’n and Forth
➥ But before you can go anywhere, listen to Jingyan who is talking to a comedic duo. After that, the mission is completed, without us meeting the real Luocha.

12. Get the hidden achievement
➥ After you completed the Companion Mission, enter the Realm-Keeping Commission again for the last time and interact with the Foursquare Mirror (the board you see the Footage of Luocha with Jingyan). After a short scene, you will obtain an achievement ‘Coffin Dancer.’


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