Luocha Full

Luocha Build Guide

The Abundance – Imaginary

Role: Healer

Recommended Light Cone and Skill Priority

Skill → Talent → Ultimate → Basic ATK

Time Waits for No One

No current CBT3 light cones for Luocha, However this is the next best thing. Increases Outgoing healing while also increasing DPS for healed units. 

Shared Feeling

Increases wearer’s Outgoing Healing, regenerates energy to all allies when Skill is used

Recommended Relic sets and substats

Set: Musketeer of Wild Wheat
Body: Outgoing Healing Boost%
Boots: SPD

Set: Space Sealing Station / Fleet of the Ageless
Planet Sphere: ATK%
Link Rope: ATK%


  • E1 Greatly increases his healing output when healing units below 50%, Otherwise healed target a shield for one turn
  • E4 Enemies deal less damage when Luocha’s talent is up
  • A1 Skill removes debuffs
  • A6 One shot Kill protection

Early thoughts and analysis

Luocha is a great healer, he provides very good single target healing with his skill and skill passive, and technically AoE healing when his talent is up. Luocha’s skill passive is also really useful as the User does not need to spend skill points for healing when proc’d. His heal scaling is also better than the other current healers.

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