Luka Companion Mission Guide

The champion fighter of the Underworld, Luka, has returned to Boulder Town and is preparing for a trial...

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There are 2 requirements to unlock Luka’s Companion Mission:
Trailblaze Level 24
Completed Silent Galaxy

Trailblaze EXP x500
Stellar Jade x100
Traveler’s Guide x10
Lost Crystal x8
Obsidian of Desolation x6
Credit x100000

Mo Cuishle

Listen in on Oleg and Seele’s conversation
➥ Teleport to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor in Boulder Town and head northeast to find and listen it to Oleg and Seele’s conversation.

Head to the Fight Club to watch Luka defend his title
➥ Enter the Fight Club just at the northwest and witness Luka’s winning pose. He will bring you outside and talk about his training plan. Of course, you as the Trailblazer, will join him in his journey.

Talk to Luka and start his “trial”
➥ Once you’re ready, talk to him and you will need to form a team. The recommended types are Ice, Physical, and Quantum. You will get Trial Luka for this challenge.

Speak with Cassidy the mechanic
➥ Follow the quest navigation to meet up with Cassidy and listen to his problem. Your task here is to find his robot friends. Luka has a big brain and pretty much solves the mystery here.

Find Cassidy’s robot friends
➥ Now, you need to find the robot inside the marked yellow circle on the mini-map. From your previous location, head northwest into the dead-end alley and you will see the broken robot.

Fix Cassidy’s robot friend, Little Fay
➥ Interact with the robot to fix it by completing a Magflow Link puzzle. Tap on the gear according to the number above to solve it.

Follow Little Fay to find Big Ben’s whereabouts
➥ From your previous location, head south (just follow Little Fay) and you will see a Vagrant and the traffic light robot. You need to enter the battle with him. Don’t worry and you can attack the robot inside the battle, it won’t affect the quest.

Interact with Big Ben
➥ Once you interact with Big Ben, it will start moving and you can follow Big Ben and report to Cassidy. You will encounter another battle so use the Sustenance Anchor to heal your party if you don’t bring any healer.

Remove the enemies from the Fragmentum
➥ Use the lift to go to the lower level of Robot Settlement and follow the quest navigation to find a group of enemies.

Defeat the formidable foe from the Fragmentum
➥ You don’t have to enter the battle if you don’t want to. Instead, sprint past them to the northeast to meet the one boss you need to defeat.

Find Svarog as per Luka’s wishes
➥ Use the lift again to go to the upper level and head to Svarog’s mansion.

Challenge Svarog and complete the “trial”
➥ Talk to Svarog and let Luka do all the talk to make Svarog battle with him. In this one, you can only use Luka alone. There will be times when Luka will fall because there is no healer, but his will is enough to survive him (for a few times).

Talk to Oleg and ask about Luka
➥ Once Luka wakes up in Natasha’s Clinic, he will wander off again with Seele trailing after him. You, on the other hand, need to talk to Oleg and ask about Luka. He is in the same spot where you first meet him at the start of the mission.

Find Seele and follow Luka with her
➥ After knowing more about Luka, Seele will send you a message. Follow the quest navigation and meet her to follow after Luka.

Follow Luka — Don’t get discovered!
➥ You will enter Trailing Mode when following Luka. Keep the target you’re trailing within your line of sight. After your target has left your screen for a set amount of time, you will have lost the target, and the mission will be considered failed when the Prompt’s countdown reaches zero.

➥ Don’t run or sprint when following after the target because performing these actions will increase the value of the Alert Gauge in the Prompt and make it easy for the target to discover you. When the Alert Gauge is full, the mission will be considered as failed.

➥ When the Trailing Mode is active, you can hide behind shelters which will be indicated with blue boxes in the open world. Interact with these covers to enter Hidden State. While in Hidden State, it will be more difficult for the target to discover you. But, make sure you are not hiding in the target’s line of sight.

➥ Use the covers to enter the Hidden State when you are about to be discovered by the target. Alternatively, you can create some distance between you and the target without creating noise. The Alert Gauge will decrease once you maneuver out of the target’s line of sight.

➥ You will meet Hook on the way, but you can shush her gently by saying you’re searching for a treasure.

Investigate the item Luka left behind
➥ In front of the orphanage, investigate the small box on top of huge boxes to find the reason Luka has been acting strange lately. After that, you will complete the mission.


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