Lost and Found achievement is a simple but quite well-hidden one in The Xianzhou Luofu. You need to interact with a weapon laying around in the open area to trigger the hidden quest. This achievement will provide you with 5 Stellar Jades.

➥ Teleport to Starskiff Jetty space anchor in Central Starskiff Haven and head west to the stairs. Turn left after going down the stairs then stop to look at the polearm beside a couple of boxes.

➥ Investigate the weapon and choose the option ‘(Pick it up and play around with it).’ The weapon will break and a man will come soon after to talk scam to you.

➥ When talking to him, choose the following options:
1. What is this blade made of, anyway? Ceramic? It’s so fragile.
2. Let’s ask the Cloud Knights.

➥ Head to Exalting Sanctum and enter the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery.

➥ Inside there, you will see the same guy that is trying to scam you. When you approach him, an automatic dialogue will appear. Choose the ‘There you are, punk!‘ option.

➥ After that, talk to Jingyan just beside the scammer. Choose the following options (This is my first time talking to her so it may be longer than those who already talk to her before):
1. What can you help me with?
2. Yes, you’ve all done a great job.
3. I’ve been scammed.
4. No losses.

➥ Following that, you will get the Lost and Found achievement. I don’t know what will happen if you choose the options to lie and said you lose XXX Credits, which I don’t recommend choosing in case you might not get the achievement.

➥ Update: If you choose the option that mentioned you’ve been scammed for 5000 Credits, you will be given the 5000 Credits and an achievement called ‘Have Your Cake and Eat It,’ also worth 5 Stellar Jades (Similar to Lost and Found).

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