Laic Pursuit Event Warp

Hello, Trailblazers!
During the Laic Pursuit event, Trailblazers can use Star Rail Special Passes for Warps.

▌Laic Pursuit Event Warp

During the event, the drop rate of the limited 5-star character Luocha (The Abundance: Imaginary) will be boosted.

During the event, the drop rates of the 4-star characters Yukong (The Harmony: Imaginary), Pela (The Nihility: Ice), and Qingque (The Erudition: Quantum) will be boosted.

After the event ends, the 4-star character Yukong (The Harmony: Imaginary) will become available in Stellar Warp in Version 1.2, but will not be available in Departure Warp.
Additionally, after the Version 1.2 update, Yukong (The Harmony: Imaginary) can be obtained for free if specific conditions are met.

■ Event Duration

2023/06/28 12:00 (Server time) – 2023/07/18 14:59 (Server time)

■ Drop Rate Boost: 5-Star Character

Luocha (The Abundance: Imaginary)

■ Drop Rate Boost: 4-Star Characters

Yukong (The Harmony: Imaginary)
Pela (The Nihility: Ice)
Qingque (The Erudition: Quantum)

※ Among the above characters, the limited character will not become available in the Stellar Warp event.

※ This Warp is a Character Event Warp. For the purposes of the guaranteed 5-star character system, the running total of Warps made always carries over from one Character Event Warp to the next. Total Warps made are calculated separately for different types of Warps, which do not affect each other.

※ For more details, please head to the Warp screen.

▌Character Trial Event: Aptitude Showcase


Participation Requirements: Unlock Travel Log
Event Duration: 2023/06/28 12:00 (Server time) – 2023/07/18 14:59 (Server time)
Event Details: Try out the trial characters Luocha (The Abundance: Imaginary), Yukong (The Harmony: Imaginary), Pela (The Nihility: Ice), and Qingque (The Erudition: Quantum) and beat the challenges to receive Stellar Jades, Adventure Logs, Universal Enhancement Materials, and credits.


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