Keeping up with Star Rail — Jingliu: Great Teachers Beget Great Pupils

She was once the Sword Champion of Luofu, protecting the Xianzhou as clouds that cover the heavens. She was once a member of the High-Cloud Quintet, a transcendent flash who stole a sliver of moonlight… Then she fell victim to mara, was hounded by the Knights, and disappeared without a trace. Now that she has returned, would she be a friend… or foe?

Please enjoy this special Interastral Peace Entertainment program, Keeping Up With Star Rail — Jingliu: Great Teachers Beget Great Pupils.

English Version

English Voice:
Owlbert — Bill Butts
Jing Yuan — Alejandro Saab
Yanqing — Amber May

Chinese Version

Chinese Voice:
Owlbert — 刘北辰
Jing Yuan — 孙晔
Yanqing — 喵酱

Korean Version

한국어 CV:

Japanese Version

Japanese Voice:
Owlbert — 名村幸太朗
Jing Yuan — 小野大輔
Yanqing — 井上麻里奈


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