Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan Build Guide

This is our complete guide to Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail.


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One of the six generals of the Xianzhou Alliance who leads the Cloud Knights of the Xianzhou Luofu.

Jing Yuan once ravaged the battlefields, but now worries about the state and plans for the future of the Luofu.

  • Rarity: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Path: The Erudition
  • Element: Lightning
  • Affiliation: Xianzhou Alliance

Basic Attack

Jing Yuan is a Lightning character who treads on the Path of Erudition. His Basic Attack deals Lightning damage to a single enemy.


Lightning-Lord’s attack deals multiple Lightning damage to all enemies. When Jing Yuan’s Skill deals damage to all enemies, it will also increase the number of instances of damage dealt by Divine Lord.


In combat, Jing Yuan can summon Lightning-Lord to fight by his side and ravage the battle.


Jing Yuan’s Ultimate is an attack together with Lightning-Lord, dealing damage to all enemies. Meanwhile, his Ultimate enhances Lightning-Lord to allow Lightning-Lord to launch more powerful attacks.


Before triggering combat, you can cast Jing Yuan’s Technique to increase the number of instances of damage dealt by Lightning-Lord’s attack of the first turn.


Light Cone