Jarilo-VI Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone | All 12 Treasure Chests Location

It is recommended to complete the Trailblaze Mission in the Jarilo-VI first before start collecting the chests.

Main: 10 Treasure Chests

These 10 chests are the ones counted in the treasure chest count on the map:
➥ Treasure Chest x9
➥ Warp Trotter x1

1. Teleport to Energy Hub space anchor and turn around towards Dunn and the gang. The chest is behind them.

2. From the previous location, head north towards another group of Silvermane Guard led by Officer (similar body type to Dunn). Once you see them, go past and turn right to a small alleyway with the treasure chest.

3. From the previous location, head southwest towards the large energy source inside the gate (this gate is opened during the Trailblaze Mission).

4. From the previous location, head southwest again downwards and you will notice a Warp Trotter behind two Silvermane Guards.
Tips: If you fail to defeat the Warp Trotter and it manages to flee, reenter your game to spawn it back. No need to wait for any daily server reset.

5. After defeating the Warp Trotter, look to your left for the next treasure chest at the end of the road.

6. Teleport to the Outpost space anchor and walk forward a little bit for the treasure chest. It is behind a camp and various boxes.

7. From the previous location, head west downwards and go past the bridge’s controller for the treasure chest.

8. Use the bridge’s controller so you can cross the bridge towards the north one. The treasure chest is on the top pavement path.

9. Teleport to the Frontline space anchor and after arrival, turn around and walk towards the east to find the next chest. It is beside a camp.

10. Teleport again to the same space anchor but this time, follow the path that leads to the north. This time, the treasure chest is in front of barb-wired barricades and boxes.

Side: 2 Treasure Chests

These 2 chests are the ones that are not counted in the treasure chest count on the map.
➥ Magflow Link x2

11. Teleport to the Energy Hub space anchor and follow the path towards the northwest and the puzzle icon.

12. Teleport to Outpost space anchor and head west towards just before the bridge for another puzzle.

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