Jarilo-VI Outlying Snow Plains | All 4 Treasure Chests Location

There are 4 treasure chests in Jarilo-VI (Outlying Snow Plains) and it is recommended to complete the Trailblaze Mission in the Jarilo-VI first before start collecting the chests.

Main: 3 Treasure Chests

These 3 chests are the ones counted in the treasure chest count on the map:
➥ Treasure Chest x2
➥ Warp Trotter x1

1. Teleport to Bud of the Hunt and head west after arriving. Just after a lone barrel, there will be a Warp Trotter to your right.
Tips: If you fail to defeat the Warp Trotter and it manages to flee, reenter your game to spawn it back. No need to wait for any daily server reset.

2. From the previous location, turn around 180 degrees and you will see a treasure chest far at the dead trees in the southwest.

3. From the previous location, head north towards the abandoned house with a frozen statue and go to the back side of the house to see the treasure chest.

Side: 1 Treasure Chest

This chest is not counted in the treasure chest count on the map.
➥ Formidable Foe x1

4. From the previous location, go straight just after the abandoned house to see the Formidable Foe. Defeat it to unlock the treasure chest.

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