Jarilo-VI Boulder Town | All 7 Treasure Chests Location

Since the whole area is a safe zone, there is no hidden puzzle or Formidable Foe for you to challenge. From the looks of it, there’s no need to complete any Trailblaze Mission for this area because there is no locked gate here.

Main: 7 Treasure Chests

1. Teleport to Fight Club space anchor and after arrival, walk forward to the area beside the club for the first chest.

2. From the previous location, turn around and enter the small path on the building (besides Joshua) for another treasure chest.

3. Head southwest to an alleyway from your previous location.

4. Teleport to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor and head east.

5. From the previous location, keep east until you see a small corner to the right. The treasure chest is beside a garbage bin.

6. Turn around and keep east until you reach the end of the road.

7. Teleport to Goethe Grand Hotel space anchor and head east towards the end of the road.

Color Code: FBB371


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