Jarilo-VI Backwater Pass | All 12 Treasure Chests Location

The difficulty in this location will spike up after the easy Administrative District and Outlying Snow Plains, so you can expect lots of treasure here. Some may have a difficult time searching for certain treasure chests, so here’s a guide for you. It is recommended to complete the Trailblaze Mission in the Jarilo-VI first before start collecting the chests.

Main: 8 Treasure Chests

These 8 chests are the ones counted in the treasure chest count on the map:
➥ Treasure Chest x7
➥ Warp Trotter x1

1. Teleport to Goethe Mansion space anchor and climb the stairwell to your right into a gate. There will be a treasure chest at the end of the road inside this gate.

2. Go past the gate again and head straight to the stairwell that leads downstairs (besides a Calyx). Once you reach a lamp post, look to the left and you will see a treasure chest beside a controller.

3. Teleport to Leisure Plaza space anchor and once arrive, turn left and you will see the next chest on top of the stairwell.

4. From the previous location, keep following the path until you see a Warp Trotter.
Tips: If you fail to defeat the Warp Trotter and it manages to flee, reenter your game to spawn it back. No need to wait for any daily server reset.

5. After defeating the Warp Trotter, follow the path that leads to the south and you will see a treasure chest at the end of the road.

6. From the previous location, head west towards a gate and just after you walk past the gate, the chest will be on your left.

7. Go straight down the road again and turn left to see another treasure chest behind a trash can.

8. Teleport to Transport Hub space anchor and head southeast towards the Formidable Foe icon on the map. The treasure chest is on its right at the far end of the road.

Side: 4 Treasure Chests

These 4 chests are the ones that are not counted in the treasure chest count on the map such as the Formidable Foe challenge or Magflow Link puzzle.
➥ Magflow Link x2
➥ Formidable Foe x2

9. Teleport to Calyx: Bud of Aether and head north to challenge the Formidable Foe.

10. Now, teleport to Calyx: Bud of Abundance and look south towards the gate. You will complete this puzzle during the Trailblaze Mission.

11. Teleport to Transport Hub space anchor and head southeast towards the open-air cafe. Investigate the broken robot to start the puzzle. Once fixed, keep following the robot until it spawns a treasure chest.

12. Go back to the same cafe and challenge the Formidable Foe to unlock the treasure chest.

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