Jarilo-VI Administrative District | All 10 Treasure Chests Location

There are 10 treasure chests in Jarilo-VI (Administrative District) and it is recommended to complete the Trailblaze Mission in the Jarilo-VI first before start collecting the chests.

Main: 10 Treasure Chests

These 10 chests are the ones counted in the treasure chest count on the map:
➥ Treasure Chest x10

1. Teleport to Goethe Hotel space anchor and turn around. The chest is right beside the space anchor.

2. From the previous location, head southwest to the small cafe behind and you will see a treasure chest at the end of the row of chairs and tables.

3. Turn north, and climb the staircase. The treasure chest is on top of the swirling stair in front of a gate.

4. Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor and turn southwest. The treasure chest is between a chair and Dominic.

5. Head south following the small gate to the right and you will see a small blue car. The chest is just beyond that vehicle in front of a garbage bin.

6. Teleport to Golden Theater space anchor and turn east towards the big theatrical posters. The treasure chest is just beside the poster.

7. Turn around 180 degrees and walk forward to the phone booth. You will see a treasure chest behind it.

8. Teleport to Golden Theater space anchor and walk forwards towards a staircase on the south. Keep walking until you see Silvermane Guards near an exit icon on the mini-map.

9. Teleport to the same space anchor as before, and walk forwards, but this time towards the right of the previous staircase.

10. From the previous location, keep going down and turn left for the last treasure chest.

Color Code: a2b3ff


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