How to Get Trailblaze EXP

Trailblaze Level is an important mechanic in Honkai: Star Rail. After all, your Trailblaze Level affects your world, level-gated many features and functions, limits the rewards you get, and your ability to ascend and level up characters.

How to Earn Trailblaze EXP

The Trailblaze EXP is the one you’ll see after opening your smartphone, just under your name. It is NOT your playable characters’ level. That section also shows how much Trailblaze EXP left you need to reach the next Trailblaze Level.
For example: In the image above, I need another 6440 EXP to enter Trailblaze Level 60.


1) Operation Briefings

The most obvious method is by completing Operation Briefings’ missions which can be found under the Interastral Guide. Aside from giving you Trailblaze Level, it will also effectively help guide you through all of the new systems and mechanics (if you’re a new player).

Fulfilling the requirements of each Operation Briefing will reward you with Trailblaze EXP. Currently, there are only 9 parts for the Operation Briefing and it is unknown when it will be updated.


2) Daily Training

If you’re done with the Operation Briefing, open the next page of the Interastral Guide and you will see the Daily Training. If it’s not obvious enough, this is the main method to gain Trailblaze EXP every day. If you want to increase your level fast, definitely do not miss out on these missions as they gave a total of 1600 Trailblaze EXP daily (at Equilibrium 5).

Oh yes, please remember that the total amount of Trailblaze EXP daily is different based on your Equilibrium Level:
Equilibrium 1 – 1000 Trailblaze EXP
Equilibrium 2 – 1150 Trailblaze EXP
Equilibrium 3 – 1300 Trailblaze EXP
Equilibrium 4 – 1450 Trailblaze EXP
Equilibrium 5 – 1600 Trailblaze EXP
Equilibrium 6 – 1750 Trailblaze EXP


3) Completing Missions

There are 4 types of missions in Honkai: Star Rail:
1. Trailblaze Mission
2. Companion Mission
3. Daily Mission
4. Adventure Mission

No matter the type of missions they are, you are bound to get a bountiful amount of Trailblaze EXP simply by completing them. Most of the missions are easy and straightforward, so you won’t have trouble completing them. But if you’re stuck somewhere, you can check out our guides here:


4) Calyxes

As you progress through Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll discover Calyxes, some kind of domains where you need to use Trailblaze Power (similar to Genshin Impact’s Resin) and fight enemies to earn rewards. Find the full list of them in the Survival Index section of the Interastral Guide.

Since you need to use the limited albeit refreshable Trailblaze Power, there’s a restriction to how many times you can consume them in a 24-hour period. However, you’ll earn Trailblaze EXP for each attempt, making this a great way to quickly increase your Trailblaze Level.

Of course, you can fight 6 rounds at once to make the process quicker too (even better with the Auto-Battle function). Each round gives you 50 Trailblazer EXP, so you can easily gain 300 Trailblazer EXP in one go.
A fully charged Trailblazer Power bar will have 180 Power at most. If you use all of them at once, that can add up to 900 Trailblazer EXP just fighting in Calyxes.


5) Simulated Universe

One of the ways to get Trailblaze EXP in Honkai: Star Rail without spending Trailblaze Power is through the Simulated Universe.

Simulated Universe may be hard for new players, but it’s a great way to challenge yourself and check whether your characters are correctly built or not. Well, that’s just a front really, the real motive to enter this god-forsaken place is for all the rewards they offered, with Trailblaze EXP as one of them.

The Simulated Universe has 6 different Worlds, and each World has its own number of difficulties that provide a First-Time Clearance Reward. While it has different numbers, you are guaranteed to get Trailblaze EXP ranging from 200 to 600.

For a more precise number, upon beating each of the 6 Worlds for the first time, you’ll receive a fixed one-time reward of 600 EXP. Complete all 6 Worlds in the first difficulty and you’ll get a total of 3600 EXP.

Then, upon reaching the higher Worlds and Equilibrium levels, Worlds 3 to 6 will gain several difficulty modes. Completing these additional difficulty levels will give you 200 EXP for each difficulty.

You will eventually run out of the First-Time Clearance Reward, but there is another option to gain Trailblaze EXP in Simulated Universe, and that is to get the Immersion Reward. Of course, it does not come free and you need to sacrifice either 40 Trailblaze Power or 1 Immersifier for 1 Immersion Reward that gives out 200 Trailblaze EXP. You can get up to 4 Immersion Rewards per challenge in the Simulated Universe.


6) Treasure Chests

You’ll earn a minuscule amount of Trailblaze EXP for each treasure chest you open in Honkai: Star Rail, but it all adds up. If you see any chests you didn’t claim yet, make sure to take it as the small amount of progress you’ll make towards your next Trailblaze Level actually helps a lot in the long run.

You can find these treasure chests in almost every sub-areas on the map. The map will even show you if you’ve opened every chest in the area in the top left corner. Each Basic Treasure gets you 5 EXP, while a Bountiful Treasure gives you 20 EXP, and a Precious Treasure 30 EXP.
You can check out the guides for treasure chests in every location from our guides here.


7) Spend Trailblaze Power

This is actually almost the same as Calyx at #4 but I’m making another point here as a reminder. Aside from Calyx, you can see other options in the Survival Index for different types of materials: Stagnant Shadow, Cavern of Corrosion, and Echo of War.

Each of those will give out a different amount of Trailblaze EXP in exchange for a different amount of Trailblaze Power used:

Stagnant Shadow (30 Power): This will be unlocked after you reach Equilibrium 2. These challenge battles for ascension materials will give you 150 Trailblaze EXP.

Caverns of Corrosion (40 Power): Relic-farming domains that you unlock during the Trailblaze Mission on Jarilo-VI that gives out 200 Trailblaze EXP per completion.

Echo of War (30 Power): Once you complete the Trailblaze Mission on Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI, you can replay the boss battles in the Interastral Guide to earn 150 Trailblaze EXP and a chance to get boss materials, Light Cones, and Relics.

Equilibrium Level

As mentioned previously, you can always check your Trailblaze Level progress by bringing up your smartphone. But one thing you need to remember is that at Trailblaze Levels 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65, you’ll need to complete a Trial of the Equilibrium which raises your Equilibrium Level.

Increasing your Equilibrium Level will also increase the difficulty of the enemies you’ll encounter, but also improves the rewards you’ll earn in the game.


How to Increase Equilibrium Level

Equilibrium Level works in conjunction with Trailblaze Level and increases the overall difficulty of the enemies you’ll encounter once you reach specific milestones.

When your Trailblaze Level reaches 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65, you must complete the corresponding Trial of the Equilibrium before you are able to further increase your Trailblaze Level. Currently, the max Trailblaze Level is 70.

As your Equilibrium Level increases, you will obtain better rewards from Calyx, Stagnant Shadow, Cavern of Corrosion, and Echo of War. If you want to constantly be making progress and earning the resources needed to level up characters, then you’ll want your Equilibrium Level to be as high as your progress allows.


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