Honkai: Star Rail, Keeping up with Star Rail – Luocha: The Secret in the Coffin

A mysterious merchant with a coffin. An enigmatic and ominous past… Just what is hiding within the coffin that he keeps by his side? Why does no one know the answer to that question? Was it due to horrified aversion, or curious apprehension?

Thank you for tuning in to this special Interastral Peace Entertainment program, Keeping up with Star Rail – Luocha: The Secret in the Coffin.

English Version

English Voice:
Luocha – Craig Lee Thomas
Owlbert – Bill Butts
Sushang – Anjali Kunapaneni

Korean Version

Korean Voice:
Luocha – 신용우
Owlbert – 강호철
Sushang – 박시윤

Chinese Version

Chinese Voice:
Luocha – 赵路
Owlbert – 刘北辰
Sushang – 陈婷婷

Japanese Version

Japanese Voice:
Luocha – 石田彰
Owlbert – 名村幸太朗
Sushang – 福圓美里


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