Honkai: Star Rail has officially launched on PlayStation®5

Hello, Trailblazers:

The PS5™ version of Honkai: Star Rail is now available for download. All Trailblazers can head to the PlayStation™Store and download it for free.

※ For Trailblazers who have purchased the pre-order bundle, you can claim your bundle with the character you use to log into the game for the first time on your PS5™. To ensure that you receive your pre-order bundle, please confirm that you have logged in with the correct game character, and your mail setting is enabled.

※ Regarding how to confirm the game characters that you are logged in, please hit the link at the very bottom to view instructions in About Account Linking.

Game Log-in Guide

●For Trailblazers who are embarking on their inaugural interstellar voyage (you have not created a game character in Honkai: Star Rail before on PC/mobile), you can follow the instructions to register/link your HoYoverse account when you run the game. Once that’s done, you can start your cosmic exploration.

※ If you have previously used your PSN account to play any of the PlayStation® versions of Hoyoverse’s titles, the first time you run Honkai: Star Rail on your PS5™, you will automatically log into the Hoyoverse account linked to your PSN account and enter the game.

●If you already have a Honkai: Star Rail game character on PC/mobile platforms and wish to continue playing on the PS5™, please refer to the following FAQ for instructions to ensure that your game progress is properly cross-saved.

>>PlayStation™ Network and HoYoverse account linking and cross-saving FAQ<<

May the stars be with you on this journey. We look forward to more Trailblazers joining us!


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