Hertareum is a store currency for the World Shop on the Herta Space Station. The said store is located in Master Control Zone, after talking to Wen Shiqi near the space anchor near Central Passage space anchor. You can obtain this currency by:
1. Exploring Herta Space Stations (Interact with items)
2. Complete Adventure Missions

This guide will show you how to obtain 340 Hertareum in the space station by exploring (does not include Adventure Missions).

Some achievements you will get along the way:
1. Green Thumb
2. Where It All Began
3. Honest Abe
4. No King Rules Forever
5. Bzzt! Clock Out!

Master Control Zone

1. Teleport to the Central Passage space anchor and look to your right. Talk to Cooking Genius No. 123 to get 20 Hertareum.

2. Once you reach Trailblaze Level 24 and complete the Trailblaze Mission in Herta Space Station, talk to the Cooking Genius No. 123 again to receive another 20 Hertareum.

3. From the previous location, go up the stairs on your right and go to the long desk. Investigate the shiny book in front of the desk. A piece of paper will fall out then investigate that paper too.

Once you get ‘A Note Between Book Pages,’ teleport to Watcher Zone space anchor and head southeast to talk to Mare. You will get 20 Hertareum.

4. Teleport to the same space anchor as before and walk southwest to the row of monitors/chairs/long desks. Investigate the black screen like in the image above and keep upvoting it until you receive the disk ‘Crises’ and 20 Hertareum.

5. Teleport to Central Passage space anchor and head northeast past the Cooking Genius until you see a treasure chest. Interact with the chest but you will be stopped by the guy next to it.

Teleport to Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone and keep walking east until you see the same chest and guy. Interact with the treasure chest, then the guy next to it to receive 20 Hertareum.

Base Zone

6. Teleport to the Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone, climb the stairs behind you, and enter the room at the west (infirmary). Enter the box-like room to approach the medical bed and investigate it to start a medical examination.

After that, approach Joanne (still in the same infirmary) near the door. Talk to her to get 20 Hertareum.

7. From your previous location in the infirmary, get out of the room and head to the other side of the 2nd floor. Investigate the plant and water it with Pure Water to get 1 Praise of High Morals.

Wait for a daily reset, then interact with the plant again to get another 1 Praise of High Morals, 20 Hertareum, and the achievement ‘Green Thumb.’

Storage Zone

8. Teleport to Gallery of Shadow (First Floor) space anchor in Storage Zone and turn around to enter the room with Herta in it. Investigate the floor here to get an achievement of ‘Where It All Began’ and obtain 20 Hertareum.

9. Teleport to Special Purpose Lab (Second Floor) space anchor and turn around before investigating the large desk. When talking to the old researcher, choose the option “To be honest… none of them.” You will get 2 Praise of High Morals, 20 Hertareum, and an achievement ‘Honest Abe.’

10. Get out of that room and head north to another room. Inside that room, enter the cage-like area in the center to investigate a paper on the floor.

After that, teleport to Courtyard (First Floor) space anchor and head northeast to a collection/display room. Investigate the specific item like in the image above to receive 20 Hertareum and an achievement of ‘No King Rules Forever.’

11. Still inside the collection/display room, go to the main display at the center of the room and keep tapping it until you receive a message from Asta. After reading the message, you will get 20 Hertareum and 2 Praise of High Morals.

12. Teleport to Outside the Control Center (First Floor) space anchor and head to the room on the north. Investigate the table and keep choosing the option of taking another sip of the coffee. You will get 20 Hertareum.

13. Return to the room at #10 at the Storage Zone. Investigate the shining item in the middle of the cage-like room for another 20 Hertareum. This action can only be done after you complete step #10.

Supply Zone

14. Teleport to the Electrical Room space anchor and enter the room on the north until you reach a room with a round table and 4 chairs. Investigate it to book a meeting. Teleport away to another location (I choose Central Passage in Master Control Zone) and wait for a while before returning back to this room and attending the meeting (Get 20 Hertareum after the meeting ends).

15. Teleport to the same space anchor as before and now enter the room on the south and investigate the six monitors. Choose the following options: Security question > Madam Herta > None so far > The mystery contained in the Flying Paper Crane.

You need to find the crane but it is just outside the room near the plant. Investigate the paper crane, then interact with the monitors again to get 20 Hertareum.

16. Teleport to Spare Parts Warehouse space anchor and after arrival, keep going forward and enter a room to your right (the one where you complete the Sensitive Beings mission). Investigate the toilet and then you will be teleported away. After talking to the Scared Researcher, teleport to another location (I choose Central Passage in Master Control Zone).

After teleporting to another location, go back to the Scared Researcher location (Railway Platform in the Supply Zone) and you will get 1 Praise of High Morals. Investigate the toilet near the Scared Researcher to get 20 Hertareum and Curio Management Log (III).

17. Find 6 robots in Herta Space Station and shut them down, you will obtain 20 Hertareum and an achievement ‘Bzzt! Clock Out!’
I had covered this achievement in another guide here: Bzzt! Clock Out! Achievement

Feel free to leave a comment if there are other Hertareum locations you found but still aren’t added to this guide.

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