Herta Space Station Base Zone | All 10 Treasure Chests Location

There are 10 treasure chests in Herta Space Station (Base Zone) and it is recommended to complete the Trailblaze Mission in the Herta Space Station first before start collecting the chests.

Main: 8 Treasure Chests

These 8 chests are the ones counted in the treasure chest count on the map:
➥ Treasure Chest x7
➥ Warp Trotter x1

1. Teleport to Monitoring Room space anchor. Once you arrive, look to the left and you will see the treasure chest.

2. Get out of this room and keep heading south until you see a treasure chest just before the door.

3. Once you go past through the door, keep walking forwards to the stairs and go to the left side (Don’t go upstairs) for another treasure chest.

4. Turn right at 90 degrees and go to the opposite side of the room. The chest is beside the staircase near a destructible object.

5. Go upstairs and enter the room on the west and you will see the treasure chest.

6. Teleport to the Reception Center space anchor and enter the door right in front of you. Keep walking and you will see a Warp Trotter. Defeat it as it also counts toward the treasure chest count.
Tips: If you fail to defeat the Warp Trotter and it manages to flee, reenter your game to spawn it back. No need to wait for any daily server reset.

7. Go straight into the door at the end of the corridor. The treasure chest is in between the control panel.

8. Teleport to Reception Center space anchor or Calyx: Bud of Destruction and head keep walking south into the door at the end.

Side: 2 Treasure Chests

These 2 chests are the ones that are not counted in the treasure chest count on the map such as the Formidable Foe challenge or Unearthly Marvel puzzle.

9. Teleport to Monitoring Room space anchor. Once you arrive, defeat the enemies at the front of the room to unlock the treasure chest.

10. Get out of the room, head south, and enter the first door on your left using a controller. You will need 3 keycards to open this door and defeat the enemies to get the treasure chest.
Here is how you get all 3 keycards: Triple Authentication Room Guide

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