Simulated Universe

I, Herta, hereby explain the rules of the Simulated Universe.

  • As you fight your way through the Simulated Universe, you may encounter powerful Blessings from different Paths, Random Events, or special Curios.
  • In the Simulated Universe game mode, you can experience randomly-generated maze combinations, enhanced Elite Enemies, and Boss Enemies.
  • There are currently multiple worlds in the Simulated Universe. New worlds will be gradually unlocked as you progress through the Simulated Universe and Trailblaze Missions, providing new stages, content, and rewards.
  • Clearing every world in the Simulated Universe for the first time will grant rewards, including the 4-star character Herta (The Erudition: Ice), Stellar Jades, and Star Rail Passes.
  • Complete the Simulated Universe to receive points and get rewards by accumulating points. The Point Rewards will be reset every Monday at 04:00 (server time).
    Unlock Blessings and Curios in the Simulated Universe to receive Stellar Jades.
  • Defeating an enemy in Simulated Universe’s “Domain – Elite” or “Domain – Boss” will earn you extra drops.
    Complete the Simulated Universe to receive Ability Points. These are used in the Ability Tree to activate powerful abilities and aid in your exploration of the Simulated Universe.
  • Starting from Simulated Universe – World 3, Planar Ornament exchange will be available after you defeat Elite or Boss enemies.