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The elderly Esther authorizes you to retrieve the videotapes of wonders and secrets. But why you? That’s because this researcher from the Department of Insight believes that secrets choose their own witnesses.

This quest is a bit long but has no puzzles. In fact, you can complete this one by just following the quest navigation. There is a bit of a plot twist in the end though so I think it’s an interesting story.

How to Get: Read a message from Arlan in the Incoming Message Notification where he asks for your help regarding a stolen videotape. To get the specific message, you need to complete Asta’s Companion Mission – You Already Know Me.

1. Ask Esther about the videotapes
➥ You will know when you unlock this quest once you obtain a message from Arlan, asking for your help regarding a stolen videotape. Teleport to Central Passage space anchor in Master Control Zone, and head northeast following the quest navigation until you see the elderly person on top of the staircase.

2. Find the lost videotapes
➥ There are 3 videotapes you can find in the Supply Zone, and you just need to follow the navigation to get all of them:
1) Doomsday: East of Spare Parts Warehouse space anchor
2) Justice: On top of a desk north of the Railway Platform space anchor
3) Dim Blue Dot: In the same room as Justice videotape

3. Follow Joanne to the medical cabin
➥ Keep following Joanne until you meet Sheila. Ask her all the questions that the dialogue provided to continue the quest.

4. Head to the room from Sheila’s memory
➥ Teleport to the Electrical Room space anchor in the Supply Zone, and enter the room on your left (north on the map). Inside this room, you only need to check on the monitor to your right. There’s also an enemy here but you don’t need to fight them unless they notice you.

5. Tell Sheila about the secret you found
➥ Teleport to Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone and go to the room on the second floor to find Sheila. Talk to Joanne then confront Gunn to uncover the truth. As to how you need to tell Gunn how to deal with Prototype 157, you can choose whichever you like. In my case, I choose ‘Please tell Sheila the truth.’
Apparently, Joanne thinks it’s a bad idea for choosing that option so you can choose others if you want.

6. Return the videotapes and go back to where you started
➥ Teleport to Central Passage space anchor in Master Control Zone, and head northeast following the quest navigation to return the videotapes to Esther.

7. Find the new Sheila
➥ While the quest itself is finished, you can find another (or maybe a new android) Sheila north of Herta’s Office in the Master Control Zone. If you approach her, it will automatically trigger a dialogue. After that, you will get a hidden achievement ‘Does She Walk Alone?

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