Gladiator Mission Guide

After completing Scott’s assignment, he says you’ll get the “house special”… But what does that mean? Go find Dr. Dig for more details.

How to Get: You will automatically obtain this mission after completing Ring and Stage II. Here is the guide for Ring and Stage I and II.
Completing the Gladiator Adventure Mission will unlock the time-limited event ‘Boulder Town Super League.’

1. Talk to Dr. Dig and learn about the “house special” from Scott
➥ Teleport to Fight Club space anchor in Boulder Town and head inside the Fight Club. When talking to Dr. Dig, choose the option ‘I want to be in the opening match, is that OK?’

2. You will enter a total of 5 rounds of battle with different opponents
➥ Make sure to deploy your best team before talking to Dr. Dig and starting the challenge. Following are the enemies you will face in each round (The enemy’s level is depending on the player’s Trailblaze Level). Take note of their Weaknesses to create your team and counterattack them.

Round 1:
Rookie Buster: Silo (Automaton Spider (Lv. 33))
Rookie Buster: Yur (Automaton Spider (Lv. 33))

Round 2:
Ash (Vagrant (Lv. 33))
Beet-Ka-Choo (Automaton Beetle (Lv. 33))

Round 3:
Greyback Whale (Automaton Grizzly (Lv. 33))
Remote Support System: Light Cavalry (Automaton Spider (Lv. 33)) (summon)

Round 4:
Master (Automaton Direwolf (Lv. 33))
Domon (Vagrant (Lv. 33))

Round 5:
Greyhound Whale: Modified (Automaton Grizzly (Lv. 33))
Dragon Rider (Automaton Direwolf (Lv. 33))
Remote Support System: Light Cavalry (Automaton Spider (Lv. 33)) (summon)

➥ Most enemies have either Ice or Lightning DMG, so having those two elements in the team would make the whole battle much easier. Then, add a healer or tanker to increase your survivability.


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