Second Closed Beta Latest Special Preview Section 2 Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Overview – Second Closed Beta Preview

Honkai: Star Rail is sharing their progress since the First Closed Beta, showing the gameplay modes Simulated Universe and Fight Club gameplays in the Second Closed Beta.

Second Closed Beta Latest Special Preview Section 2 Gameplay Overview

Hi, Trailblazers! Bringing you the latest news is the second edition of our Second Closed Beta Special Preview!

In our last edition, we introduced everyone to the new changes in Belobog, as well as the new scenes of Herta Space Station… This stellar voyage however, not only brings new sights, but also new gameplays too!

Let’s take a look at what we have in store with the newly added Simulated Universe and Fight Club gameplays!

▌ Simulated Universe — A Virtual Universe Within the Space Station

※ The following content is related to the Second Closed Beta and does not represent the final quality of the game.

Within Herta Space Station, a sophisticated device lays dormant. In order to ascertain the secrets of the Aeons, four members of the Genius Society banded together to launch this project. By implementing the wealth of intelligence scoured from all corners of the universe, the galaxy would be reproduced in code.

This would be their magnum opus — the Simulated Universe.

All one had to do was to run it, and a virtual world would be created in the blink of an eye. Be it friend or foe… countless amounts of data would be transformed into virtual projections, awaiting your next move. By connecting to the Paths, virtual Aeons would also begin to cast their gaze…

A wondrous machine sits in the space station’s owner, Herta’s, room. A device designed and built by Herta and her partners. A device capable of creating a virtual world from mere code.

■ Operation Manual

The Simulated Universe is an independent virtual space that randomly generates virtual enemies and maps in the form of code. Aeons’ Blessings can be earned when enemies are defeated, which provide powerful buffs. Download character codes using the Downloader before starting combat, and embark on a journey into the virtual unknown with them. Bolster your team’s strengths by accumulating more Blessings.

The Simulated Universe has two modes: Exploration and Challenge. Follow the Trailblaze Mission guide to unlock Exploration Mode after experiencing the Simulated Universe for the first time. As for Challenge Mode, Trailblazers must complete Exploration Mode for the first time and have a corresponding save file before challenging powerful enemies.

In Challenge Mode, Trailblazers will combat powerful enemies with both the team and Blessings used to complete Exploration Mode. Scores will be determined according to enemy HP lost in battle. Challenge Mode also have standalone challenge objectives. Complete as many of these objectives as possible to earn a higher score.

Herta’s Room

Simulated Universe Modes

During the course of the game, Trailblazers can disrupt or end the Simulated Universe program. If “End and Finalize” is chosen, you will be brought directly to the reward finalization screen. If “Save and Exit” is chosen, progress will be saved. Saving after challenge completion will save all Blessings earned in the current Simulated Universe run, which can then be used in Challenge Mode.

Herta Bonds can be earned from Simulated Universe runs. These can be exchanged for rewards at the Exchange Shop. Herta Collector Coins may also be earned, and can be inserted into the Coin Gacha Machine for random rewards. Also, Periodic Assignments related to the Simulated Universe are reset each week. Complete these Periodic Assignments to earn even more rewards!

Reward Finalization Screen

■ All is a Mystery in the Virtual World!

In the Simulated Universe, enemies and maps will not be revealed before entering the next floor. Before starting a challenge, Trailblazers can preview the main enemy weaknesses of the current Simulated Universe and choose to download the data of a companion that best counters these weaknesses and form their own teams.

Many goodies are hidden all over these maps, including Chests, Interpreters, and more. They may be hidden at junctions, turns, perhaps even right behind monsters… All of which await the Trailblazer’s discovery. Why, one might even run into a companion’s virtual simulation! Of course, these crossroads are fraught with danger, and Trailblazers will have to consider their paths carefully.

Running Abandoned Code

Additionally, the virtual Aeons will grant Blessings upon defeating enemies or running abandoned code. Trailblazers can choose the Blessings that best fit their lineup and character traits in the team to enhance their strengths. Different Blessing combinations may bring about surprising effects!

That’s not all that virtual Aeons can do. They can also provide Aeon Intervention as a support ability during battle to assist Trailblazers in combat. The Aeon Intervention Level increases as you venture deeper into the Simulated Universe. As the Simulated Universe gets updated, the virtual Aeons’ powers will vary with the different Paths, and so will their powers of intervention.

Aeon Intervention

Trailblazing the universe is tough work, and one should avoid burning out. That is why the kind Herta prepared a Rest Area for Trailblazers. Here, you can use the Cosmic Fragments looted from defeated enemies to exchange for Curios with special buffs, or revive fallen companions. It might not be a bad idea to spend some time in the Rest Area to mull over strategies or plan out how to best utilize the Cosmic Fragments.

Rest Area

Purchasing Curios

■ Now the Real Action Begins!

Now that we’re done with the nitty-gritty, everyone must be eager to experience the actual combat. Let’s get to it then!

The companions for this battle are: Dan Heng, Bronya, Asta, and Natasha. This lineup’s main strategy utilizes Bronya and Asta’s abilities to allow the main damage dealer, Dan Heng, to continuously increase his action bar and dish out damage over multiple turns. Dan Heng may be a single-target attacker, but when his action is advanced multiple times, and paired with Dan Heng’s Superiority of Reach Talent, Wind Resistance Penetration will also be increased, bringing about massive damage. Therefore, we must choose a Blessing that increases Speed.

Combat Effects

And on that note, we end this preview report transmitted from the Simulated Universe. What do all you Trailblazers out there think about this Simulated Universe that Herta designed?

▌ Fight Club — Stronger! Challenge! Top Score!

※ The following content is related to the Second Closed Beta and does not represent the final quality of the game.

Next up comes the gameplay introduction to Fight Club — a unique challenge event where you use system-assigned characters to face your opponents and earn points. Rewards are earned according to your score, and are divided into several tiers. Attain the required score for each tier to claim a one-time reward.

Fight Club also has a rating system. Points earned by Trailblazers are divided into four levels. Let’s all work hard to reach the top!

Challenge stages that allow you to fight different enemies will also be added during the beta test. Different stages have their own special mechanics, such as “Character charging efficiency increased by 20%”. Choosing your lineup carefully and taking advantage of the mechanics is key to attaining high scores.

Fight Club Screen

Fight Club is a challenge event that vastly differs from ordinary stages.

Fight Club will provide a multitude of trial characters for Trailblazers to choose from. You can try out characters that you wouldn’t normally use. Who knows? One of these characters may just blow your expectations out of the water.

Team Screen

Fight Club is less about defeating enemies as quickly as possible and more about fulfilling the bonus conditions of each stage for maximum points.

Trailblazers can challenge Fight Club stages an unlimited number of times to try to fulfill the bonus conditions for even better scores and rewards. In other words, you don’t have to worry about failure — venture forth and try every trick in the book! For example, you could try changing up the timing on when to use an Ultimate, or switching attack targets, and so on.

Combat Effects

Okay, we’ve come to a close on the introductions for the Second Closed Beta’s latest gameplays. I trust that all you Trailblazers are raring to try out these new challenges. Well then, let us meet again in Honkai: Star Rail!

Bringing you the latest news! We hope you Trailblazers had a blast reading this latest issue! You’re all welcome to subscribe to the Second Closed Beta Special Preview! See you next time!

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