From Xianzhou With Love

Table of Contents

How to Start

After reaching a certain point of the story you will receive a message from Asta, which prompts the start of the questline.

How to Clear

1. Start off by teleporting to Herta Space Station (Master Control Zone) then talk to Asta and inquire about the Foxian Beauty Chat.

2. Now speak to Wen Furui to inquire about Foxian Beauty Chat. Wen Furui can be found to the right of the teleporter.

3. After receiving Wen Furui’s gift, teleport to Luofu: Central Starskiff Haven. From here you will have to ask around about the Foxian Beauty Chat. Refer to the image above for the location of the 3 NPC you will have to talk to in order to progress the quest.

4. You will then recieve a message from Wen Furui asking for an update on the request. Follow the cross the bridge and follow the quest marker to find Qingque. Speak to her to prompt the next stage of this request.

5. After speaking with Qingque, use the teleporter to the top right (Earthrise Agora). From here take the stairs to your right to find the courier Cycrane to send the gift, follow the Cycrane into Cloudford.

Red = courier pathing, Blue = Shifty Man/Daiqing location

6. After entering Cloudford simply use the topmost teleporter Cloudford: Cargo Lane to start up the courier and follow it. Refer to the image above for the route the Courier will take. Finally talk to the shifty man who can be found at the end of the route in the image above.

7. Return to Herta Space Station and talk to Wen Furui then Asta. After a long dialouge sequence with Asta and Daiqing, return to the marked location as show in the image above 6 and speak to Qingque.

8. Next meet up with Daiqing on the spot marked in the map above. Use the teleporter right below it to travel faster. Note that you will be sent into a battle when you reach the meetup location. After the battle simply follow the quest markers near the area.

9. Finally, return to Herta Space Station and talk to Asta to finish the quest.

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