Forgotten Hall Memory (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 6

Forgotten Hall Memory The Voyage of Navis Astriger (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 6

Forgotten Hall has a new Memory section in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update called ‘The Voyage of Navis Astriger.’ There are 6 stages in this Memory, and all of them feature the enemies you face in The Xianzhou Luofu.

Enemies & Stage Buff

➥ After an ally uses Skill on any ally (including on themselves), dispels 1 debuff on the ally which the Skill was used on. For each debuff dispelled, increases the DMG dealt by all allies by 20%. This effect can stack up to 10 times. Defeating the Elite or stronger enemy in the final wave will immediately result in victory.

Team Recommendations

Node 1
➥ Recommended Elements: Lightning, Ice & Physical
In both nodes, you MUST have at least 1 character that can heal debuff (Bronya’s Skill, Luocha’s Skill, Clara’s Talent, March’s Skill, Natasha’s Skill). If you don’t bring one, you will have a really hard time defeating this stage because of the gigantic HP pool from both bosses.
Lightning character is also another must here to keep Weakness Breaking the enemies here.

Node 2
➥ Recommended Elements: Imaginary, Wind & Physical
If you can, bring at least 2 cleansers here (like Natasha and Bronya) because if your only healer is Dominated by Kafka, your characters will most probably die from lack of healing after being attacked by all of them.
Wind and Imaginary characters are most recommended for this Node because there are 2 enemies with those Weaknesses in the last wave.


Node 1: The Ascended

➥ Start the battle with either Lightning or Ice to Weakness Break Dragonfishes or Mara-Struck Soldiers, respectively. Prioritize the Dragonfishes first so they will explode and deal damage to all enemies.
➥ Before entering the 2nd wave, try to stack at least 2 to 4 of the stage buff by cleaning debuffs. Remember that if you clean 2 debuffs on 1 character, you will get 2x of the DMG bonus stack. So prioritize on cleaning that character (As you can see in the image above, my Jing Yuan has 2 debuffs, and once it’s cleaned, the whole team will get 2 stacks of DMG boost.

➥ In the 2nd wave, the first thing you need to remember is that the Dragonfish will keep spawning once the one in the battle is defeated. On the dim side, you will constantly receive AoE DMG from them. On the bright side, you can stack DEF debuff on the Ascended lady with the Dragonfishes’ explosion.

➥ You extremely need a healer here because the Ascended has a skill (Black Prana’s Snare) that will inflict Prana-Siphon on your character. In simpler terms, it will reduce your team’s Max HP (you can see the grey bar inside your health bar in the image above), which will make your characters extremely vulnerable and really squishy at that moment. You can remove that debuff by cleansing it.

➥ I mentioned before about stacking DEF debuff on the Ascended, and this is because she has such a huge HP pool it’s not even funny. If you notice your DPS isn’t doing that much damage, focus on defeating the Dragonfishes to explode and debuff the Ascended before attacking her. Keep repeating that until she’s finally down.

Node 2: Kafka

➥ Start the battle with Imaginary attacks if possible because all the enemies in the 1st wave have that Weakness. It’s the same strategy as Node 1, where you focus on the Dragonfishes for its explosion. But remember that the Cloud Knight Patrollers can make your characters take increased damage.

➥ This sounds hard if you have limited characters, but it’s best to have 2 debuff cleaners in this round because if your only healer/cleaner is Dominated by Kafka, you will have a really hard time surviving here. You want your team to be in tip-top condition at almost every turn.

➥ Similar to Node 1, the 2 mobs beside Kafka will keep spawning after one is defeated, so it’s better to ignore them and focus only on Kafka. Yes, the Golden Cloud Toad (left) can reduce your character’s SPD, and the Dracolion (right) can reduce your character’s DMG, but defeating them won’t help debuffing Kafka at all so might as well ignore it (but take note of their debuffs on your characters).

➥ Don’t forget to stack the DMG bonus from the stage buff and clean the Dominated debuff. Other than keep Weakness Breaking Kafka and make sure your characters are healthy, honestly there’s nothing much else to do. Thankfully Kafka only has one phase here with repeating Skills. It’s a matter of whether you will go down first or she will be defeated first.


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