Forgotten Hall Memory (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 5

Forgotten Hall Memory The Voyage of Navis Astriger (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 5

Forgotten Hall has a new Memory section in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update called ‘The Voyage of Navis Astriger.’ There are 6 stages in this Memory, and all of them feature the enemies you face in The Xianzhou Luofu.

Enemies & Stage Buff

➥ At the start of every Cycle, summon 2 Mara-Struck Soldiers or Abundance Sprite: Golden Hounds. After an enemy target is defeated, deals a set amount of DMG to all enemies.

Team Recommendations

Node 1
➥ Recommended Elements: Imaginary, Wind & Ice
Bringing both Hunt and Erudition characters is recommended here so the former can focus on the boss, while the latter deals some damage to the mobs. It’s recommended to bring Pela here for both her Skill which can remove a buff and her Ultimate which will reduce the enemies’ DEF. The last slot can be any healer or shielder (Luocha is recommended because of his Ultimate that can remove the Rebirth and Draining Hit buff)

Node 2
➥ Recommended Elements: Wind, Ice & Fire
Ice is a better option here as DPS because all the enemies in the last wave are weak to Ice. Since focusing on one enemy is better here to trigger the stage buff, bring one Hunt character. You can also bring a shielder instead of a healer because you can see who’s going to be targeted by Malefic Ape, so creating a shield beforehand is easier than healing. 


Node 1: Disciples of Sanctus Medicus

➥ Star the battle with either Fire, Ice, or Quantum to Break Weakness from the start (I prefer Ice to Freeze them). In the next turn, another 2 Soldiers will appear (because of the stage buff). Unless you bring an Erudition character, focus on one Soldier only because once it’s defeated, it will explode and deals damage to all enemies. This will deplete the remaining Soldiers’ HP to very critical or kill them if they have low HP (indirectly creating a chain of explosions).

➥ In the 2nd wave, it’s the Disciple with the ability to summon more Mara Soldiers and a Draining Hit buff (restore HP when hitting a target). Every time it has that Draining Hit buff, remove it using Pela’s Skill or Luocha’s Ultimate! You don’t want it to keep healing itself.

➥ Same strategy as the 1st wave, I recommend focusing on 1 Soldier and defeating it to trigger the stage buff and let out an explosion. It will almost certainly create a chain of explosions that kill every other Soldier and deals decent damage on the Disciple. Keep doing this until the big boss dies.

Node 2: Malefic Ape

➥ Start the battle with either Fire, Wind, or Imaginary to reduce the Toughness Bar of 2 wolves out of 3.

➥ The white wolf has the ability to summon shadow wolves with the same HP as what they have currently. Ignore the shadow wolves and focus on one wolf only because once again, we’re taking advantage of the stage buff and creating a whole lot of explosions.

➥ In the 2nd wave, the Malefic Ape will focus on the last character that uses Skill, so you should time your Skills wisely, or just make sure the last one using Skill has a decent HP because the Ape deals quite a hurtful single-target DMG. Look at the left corner to see your character and enemies’ rotation to decide who will be the last one using Skill to trigger the Malefic Ape gaze.

➥ The Ape can’t summon anything, so it’s quite hard to trigger the stage buff as we need to wait for the next turn for the stage to spawn another 2 Hounds. In the meantime, spam everything you have to chip any amount of HP you can from the Ape.


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