Forgotten Hall Memory (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 4

Forgotten Hall Memory The Voyage of Navis Astriger (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 4

Forgotten Hall has a new Memory section in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update called ‘The Voyage of Navis Astriger.’ There are 6 stages in this Memory, and all of them feature the enemies you face in The Xianzhou Luofu.

Enemies & Stage Buff

➥ After an ally uses their Ultimate or launches a follow-up attack, additionally deals a set amount of DMG to the attacked enemy target.

Team Recommendations

Node 1
➥ Recommended Elements: Quantum
The best element is definitely Quantum because both bosses have that as a Weakness. The Weaknesses of the mobs don’t really matter much because they have low health so breaking their Toughness isn’t a priority. Make sure to bring at least one element that matches each of the bosses so you will have an easier time breaking their Weaknesses (Example: Fire and Quantum for Ice Out of Space, Physical and Quantum for Fire Out of Space).

Node 2
➥ Recommended Elements: Quantum, Ice & Fire
Herta is the MVP of this Node because of her AoE attacks, which also trigger the stage buff that deals additional damage. The Ebon Deer summons too many twigs, and while it might still be too hard to defeat all of them, you should at least bring an AoE that can Weakness Break them. Then we need a Hunt character to focus on the Ebon Deer, a debuffer to reduce the enemies’ DEF/buffer to buff the team, and a healer to maintain survivability.


Node 1: Ice & Blaze Out of Space

➥ Start the battle with Fire to break the Toughness bar of 3 enemies out of 5. There are 2 types of (Frost/Thunder)spawn here, so they have different Weaknesses. It’s just a bunch of mobs, so their HP and DMG are not that high. Use AoE or Blast attacks to defeat them. 

➥ The 2nd wave is much easier because all enemies have Wind Weaknesses. If you bring that element, you should have an easy time killing them all. Before entering the last wave, try to heal all your characters’ health to the maximum.

➥ In the last wave, you will face 2 enemies: Ice and Fire Out of Space (shortening them with OOS- Out of Space). For the Fire one, it can inflict Burn to your character, making them take Fire DMG for a certain number of turns. While the Ice one, it has a chance to Freeze your ally. Both of them also have AoE attacks that are pretty terrifying (especially when they attack almost back-to-back) and consistent so be mindful of your health!

➥ Among these two, I would recommend focusing on the Ice OOS first because you can’t save your Frozen character unlike you can heal your Burn-debuffed character (especially if the Frozen one is your healer). Once the Ice is defeated, you should be able to defeat the Fire OOS much more easily without worrying about being Frozen.

Node 2: Abundant Ebon Deer

➥ You should definitely start the battle with Ice attack because all twigs in this wave are weak to it and you might be able to inflict Weakness Break on them. So for which one to focus on first, it’s definitely the 2 flowery ones in the middle (Twigs of Glorious Bloom) because they can heal every opponent. At the very least, try to always make them get Weakness Break to hinder them from healing too much.

➥ In the 2nd wave, the Ebon Deer has 2 phases, and the first one is still easy enough. The first Twig it will summon is Wintry Wind, and it can inflict Outrage on target hit (you can’t control your character and they will do Basic ATK on a random enemy). Of course, you can remove this debuff using a healer.

➥ After that, it will summon a Twig of Marple Leaf, which will increase the Ebon Deer’s attack. I recommend ignoring this twig and keeping all your characters focused on the Deer, unless, your team can’t handle the damage from the Deer. If it’s the latter, definitely destroy the twig first to remove its buff.

Lavish Fruit on the left | Glorious Bloom on the right

➥ In the 2nd phase, it will summon a lot more twigs, but the first 2 are the Twig of Lavish Fruits and Glorious Blooms. Both are quite dangerous on their own but focus on the Lavish Fruit first (at least Weakness Break it) to remove the Energy (Bearing Fruits = Energy for Ebon Deer). If you didn’t remove the Energy in time, the Ebon Deer will use its Ultimate and it hurts a lot for the whole team.

The combination of Pela’s Ultimate and Herta’s Ultimate + AoE + Follow-up Attacks should be enough to destroy all incoming twigs. You can’t rely on Auto though. But once these 2 twigs are gone (Lavish Fruits and Glorious Blooms), you can freely attack the Ebon Deer. The other twigs are not as dangerous as these two twigs.


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