Forgotten Hall Memory (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 2

Forgotten Hall Memory The Voyage of Navis Astriger (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 2

Forgotten Hall has a new Memory section in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update called ‘The Voyage of Navis Astriger.’ There are 6 stages in this Memory, and all of them feature the enemies you face in The Xianzhou Luofu.

Enemies & Stage Buff

➥ All enemies receive increased DoT by 50%. At the start of every Cycle, there is a high chance of inflicting Bleed, Shock, Burn, or Wind Shear on all enemies. Status inflicted in this way will last for 2 turns.

Team Recommendations

Node 1
➥ Recommended Elements: Quantum, Wind & Lightning
Lightning Erudition here is really recommended because of the Dragonfishes and Gatekeepers. You will need a lot of AoE to keep breaking their Weakness. Then, a Hunt character to keep track of the Gatekeepers so it can perish faster and stop summoning so many fishes.

Node 2
➥ Recommended Elements: Imaginary, Wind & Lightning
Unfortunately, enemies in Node 2 almost have the same weaknesses as Node 1 so your roster might lack the right characters. If you have both Serval and Jing Yuan, put the strongest one in Node 1 and the lesser built in Node 2. It’s important to bring all 3 Weaknesses from Yanqing because of one of his skills (will be explained in Observation later).


Node 1: Aurumaton Gatekeeper

➥ Start the battle using Physical attacks because all enemies in the 1st wave are weak to Physical. You can stun the Dragonfish right from the start, saving your team from taking AoE damage (for now).

➥ After that, among those opponents, focus on the Dragonfish with the lowest HP first. When it’s defeated, it will explode and deals Fire DMG to all opponents while also reducing the DEF. The effect is too good to pass so ignore the Disciples first and kill the Dragonfishes.

➥ In the 2nd wave, 2 Gatekeepers will arrive with hateful tactics. Every time you use Skill or Ultimate, the Sanction Rate level will increase (33%, 66%, and 100%). And once it reaches 100%, the Gatekeeper will enter Sanction mode and summon 2 Dragonfishes. It’s almost impossible to avoid this attack because the Gatekeepers will enter the Sanction mode one way or another. 

➥ During the Sanction mode, it will deal massive Imaginary DMG to one target with a high chance to Imprison them. You can clean the debuff with a healer, but if your healer is the one getting Imprisoned, you can only wait until they’re healed by themselves.
➥ Once again, who to focus on first? I would say the Dragonfishes (again) because they deal AoE damage. And there are maximum 3 fishes at once, you don’t want to take the risk and let your characters get hit many times. In addition, once exploded, they can reduce the big bosses’ DEF, so that’s a win for us. Even better if you use Lightning Erudition on them to deplete their HP, and once one fish goes off and explode, it could help set up exploding reactions from other Dragonfishes as well.

Node 2: Cloud Lieutenant Yanqing

➥ Start the battle with any of the recommended elements (Fire, Wind & Imaginary) to inflict Weakness Break on enemies right from the start. These mobs are the Cloud Knight Patrollers so remember that they have the ability to make your characters take more damage. Be mindful of your HP (seriously, you need it), especially since we’re facing a new enemy in the next wave.
➥ If possible, try to collect Energy as much as you could and fill the Ultimate bar for the boss later, especially one with AoE/Blast attacks.

➥ Now, the last wave features -stronger than our playable- Yanqing, that can summon 4 Flying Swords with unknown Weaknesses and enter a Sword Formation mode. During this mode, Yanqing’s Toughness cannot be depleted and his SPD is increased. You need to destroy all the summoned swords to remove the Sword Formation mode. 
➥ How to destroy the swords with unknown Weaknesses? This is where you need to pay attention:

➥ Each sword has one Weakness only, and it can either be Wind, Lightning, or Imaginary (it’s completely random). You can find out which weakness it has by attacking the sword with the respective element. That’s why I mentioned earlier that AoE is beneficial here. 1 attack of the correct element is enough to destroy the sword, so if you spam all your AoE/Blast attacks with the right elements here, you can easily destroy all the swords and remove the Sword Formation mode.

➥ Once the Formation is gone, another one of Yanqing’s attacks you need to be careful of is the Ultimate: Cascading Laceration which will deal massive Ice DMG to all targets. This skill requires Yanqing to enter the Charge state for 1 turn, so you can cancel this Ultimate during the Charge state by inflicting Weakness Break on him.


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