Forgotten Hall Memory (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 1

Forgotten Hall Memory The Voyage of Navis Astriger (The Xianzhou Luofu) Stage 1

Forgotten Hall has a new Memory section in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update called ‘The Voyage of Navis Astriger.’ There are 6 stages in this Memory, and all of them feature the enemies you face in The Xianzhou Luofu.

Enemies & Stage Buff

➥ DMG dealt to enemy targets are shared between all enemies. When allies use AoE or Blast ATK abilities, increases DMG dealt by 50%.

Team Recommendations

Node 1
Recommended Elements: Physical, Lightning & Imaginary
Any Destruction (that can use Blast attacks) and Erudition characters are a gem in this stage because of the stage buff. But if you have to choose the best spot, Erudition (I’m talking about Serval) is better in Node 1 because every wave has at least a few enemies with Lightning Weakness. If your Serval isn’t built, you can opt for Physical MC because their Blast attacks also help a lot.

Node 2
➥ Recommended Elements: Fire, Wind & Lightning
If Node 1 is full of Lightning Weakness, then Node 2 is for Wind Weaknesses. With the stage buff, even a Wind Hunt character (Dan Heng) can most likely manage the battle alone (since enemies share the damage), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and bring a proper team. 
The enemies are a lot in some waves, but Erudition is not a must here. If you bring a Wind Hunt/Destruction, it’s best to bring along Sampo, with his Bounce attack (that may inflict Weakness Break if you’re lucky), but most importantly his Ultimate to increase DoT while also dealing damage to all enemies.


Node 1: Entranced Ingenium Illumination Dragonfish

➥ Start the battle using Lightning to inflict Weakness Break on 3 enemies right from the start (out of 5). Since the damage is shared between all enemies, all their HPs will reduce quite significantly, making it easier for you to shred them later.

➥ After that, 2 Flamespawn enemies are still standing with a full Toughness bar, so you can use Physical or Ice character to inflict Weakness Break on them. Herta and Physical MC are one of the best choices here because of their attacks (remember that AoE and Blast have increased DMG in this stage).

➥ The 2nd wave features 4 Dragonfishes. Lightning AoE is your best friend here so use Serval/Jing Yuan’s Skill and Ultimate to inflict Weakness Break. Try to break as many as you can to hinder the fishes from attacking. After all, their AoE attacks are also annoying because it hits every character.

➥ The last wave is like the better Dragonfishes because they have almost the same Weakness Type and attacks but higher damage. If you bring any single-target DPS, make sure to attack the same enemy because (1) the damage is shared anyway, and (2) we need to reduce the number of enemies so their cumulative AoE damage is still survivable for our team.

Node 2: Abundance Sprite Wooden Lupus

➥ Start the battle with a Wind attack because every enemy in the first wave has Wind Weakness. All their HP drained in just one attack is super satisfying. After that, you can just focus one by one (or AoE if you bring Erudition) since the stage buff will make them share the damage > directly killing most of them at the same time.

➥ The 2nd wave features a new type of enemy. The one skill that you need to be wary of is how it can summon a shadow wolf with the same current HP as itself. Although you can’t stop it from using the skill, you can make sure the shadow wolf’s HP is low by attacking the real one. Focus on one real wolf and deplete its HP as fast as you can before it can use the skill. Once again, the buff on this stage massively helps by sharing the damage to all enemies so by focusing on one enemy, you can actually kill all other enemies.

➥ The last wave is full of Cloud Knights Patrollers so you have to watch out for the team’s HP. The Cloud Knights’ skill has a high chance to debuff your character, making them take more damage. If you bring the right elements and keep breaking Weaknesses, this stage is still easy enough for you.


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