Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 8 Guide

Stage Enemies

Another Automaton centered stage meaning all enemies will be weak to Lightning DMG, this makes Serval a standout F2P option for this stage.

Floor Buff: At the beginning of each cycle, increase the DMG dealt by the ally with the highest ATK by 60% for 1 turn(s).

Stage Enemies 

Automaton Direwolf Enemies

This battle begins with having 1 Automaton Beetle and Hound, it is highly recommended to focus down the Hound as If they are left unattended they will most likely heal off the damage you have dealt to the Automaton Direwolf thus prolonging the fight. 

Automaton Direwolf’s Skill

As for the Automaton Direwolf, there are two skills you will have to look out for, the first of which is the “Lock On” ability. This is a windup to a bigger skill called “Felling Order” which deals massive Physical DMG to 1 ally, you can easily identify the target of “Felling Order” as there will be an icon that indicates it on top of the target (Refer to the Image below). 

This can easily be dealt with by applying a shield to the targeted character, thus preventing another ally from being targeted by “Dismantle”. 

Automaton Grizzly Enemies

Similar to the Automaton Direwolf this wave starts with 1 Beetle and Hound. As the Automaton Grizzly gets a turn it will summon 2 Automaton Spiders that will automatically be set up to detonate. After summoning the Spiders during its next set of turns it will automatically follow up with a teamwide taunt and enter a charged state, then deal AoE damage to the team however, if you are able to apply Weakness Break to the boss it will cancel the charged state (AoE attack). If you bring only Single Target damage dealers there is a possibility that they will be taunted and be unable to deal with the Automaton Spiders, because of this we highly recommend at least having 1 AoE damage dealer to be able to deal damage to the Spiders even when taunted. If you are unable to Weakness Break the boss in time make sure your team has sufficient health to tank through the AoE/have your healers ultimate ready.

Suggested Team Comps


Seele: DPS
Bronya:  Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Bailu/Gepard/March 7th: Healer/Shielder
Tingyun: Damage buffer

Note: This team will be Featured often in most if not all premium teams due to how strong Hyper carry Seele is in general as a team comp. Although secondary Premium comps will be Recommended if this team does not work out or is not available.


Seele = DPS
Bronya = Skill point generator/Buffer 
Pela = Debuffer or Serval = AoE 
Bailu = Healer

Similar to our bread and butter Seele Comp. Pela can be used instead for AoE, and debuffs. Serval can also be slotted in,  in the unlikely scenario where more AoE DPS is needed. 


Serval = AoE
March 7th= Freeze/ Shielder or Pela = Debuffer/AoE
Natasha = Healer
Dan Heng = DPS

Full f2p team that can handle all the mechanics of both bosses when played properly. March 7th will prevent “Dismantle” as it never procs if dire wolf attacks a shielded member. Serval is able to take care of summoned mobs from Grizzly, and Dan Heng is simply ST DPS. Pela Can replace March 7th if survivability is not an issue.

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