Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 5 Guide

Wave 1 Enemies

Stage 5 provides a 50% Lightning DMG buff and features mainly Automaton-type enemies, this means EVERY single enemy on this stage is weak to Lightning. We highly recommend bringing Serval along for this stage to trivialize both waves.

Automaton Beetle’s ability

An important thing to keep in mind is the Automaton Beetle is able to apply a shield onto itself that blocks all incoming damage instances for 1 turn, this means even multi-hit skills are ineffective against it.

Wave 2 Enemies with Automaton Spiders summoned

Wave 2 consists of a single Automaton Grizzly and Beetle, as the Grizzly gets a turn it will summon 2 Automaton Spiders that will automatically be set up to detonate. After summoning the Spiders during its next set of turns it will automatically follow up with a teamwide taunt and enter a charged state, then deal AoE damage to the team.

However, if you are able to apply Weakness Break to the boss it will cancel the charged state (AoE attack). If you bring only Single Target damage dealers there is a possibility that they will be taunted and be unable to deal with the Automaton Spiders. Because of this we highly recommend at least having 1 AoE damage dealer to be able to deal damage to the Spiders even when taunted. If you are unable to Weakness Break the boss in time make sure your team has sufficient health to tank through the AoE/have your healers ultimate ready.

Suggested Team Comps

As mentioned earlier above, Every unit here is weak to lightning AND has 50% Lighting DMG buff. This means Serval and Arlan (to an extent) are very solid picks for this stage.


Seele: DPS
Bronya:  Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Bailu/Gepard/March 7th: Healer/Shielder
Tingyun: Damage buffer

Note: This team will be Featured often in most if not all premium teams due to how strong Hyper carry Seele is in general as a team comp. Although secondary Premium comps will be Recommended if this team does not work out or is not available.

Serval = AoE 
Seele/Preferred ST unit= DPS
Tingyun/Bronya = Damage Buffer
Bailu/Natasha = Healer 

This team can easily handle the waves the boss spawns, while also dealing good ST damage towards the boss with decent Weakness break.

This team can easily handle mob waves, with tremendous Weakness Break against the boss. Hook can substitute Seele if she is not available and will perform similarly just because of the fire DMG buff this floor gives. If one does not have Bronya, Asta can be used instead, despite being the weaker damage buffer, her weakness breaking capability in this stage is very strong.


Serval = AoE
Arlan/Hook/Dan Heng = DPS
Natasha = Healer 
Pela/Asta = Debuffer

Serval and Pela are great 4*s for this stage as they both have AoE capability, and both have great weakness break. Arlan is picked here just because of the lightning buff, do keep in mind that the boss may has the ability to one-shot your units at around <60% if under-leveled (Also depending on relics), so it is advised not to play Arlan too recklessly if the user is unable to weakness break boss in time to cancel its AoE attack. If that is not your play style, Hook and Dan Heng are good replacements.

Note: Save Natasha’s Ult Possible if the User knows the AoE attack is incoming.

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