Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 4 Guide

Wave 1 Enemies

As for stage 4, there is a 50% buff to Physical DMG to all allies, and wave 1 has a majority weakness to Physical so we recommend entering the battle with a Physical attack.

Similar to the previous stages there is a Automaton Hound in wave 1, this should be dealt with immediately to prevent the Hound from healing the damage dealt to the other enemies. After the Hound has been taken care of we recommend focusing on the Everwinter Soldiers as they can reduce the DEF of the targeted character, if left unchecked this can quickly rack up damage.

Wave 2 Enemies

Now onto wave 2, here you will finally encounter your first major boss in Forgotten Hall. During Bronya’s first 2 turns, she will likely use Coordinated Reinforcement, where she will summon 2 Silvermane guards. While the Silvermane guards are alive Bronya will receive a buff where you will be unable to deal any Weakness Break damage, moreover when Bronya is under this effect she will begin to follow a pattern of using 1 basic attack and following it up with either Combat Redeployment or Suppressive Fire.

Bronya summoning 2 Silvermane guards and having “No Weakness” buff

Suggested Team Comps

As it is a high priority to have decent mob clear, AoE characters are a welcome addition to most teams for this stage. Characters such as Clara and Physical MC are both able to take advantage of the Physical buff on this stage while having some AoE built on their kit.


Seele: DPS
Bronya:  Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Bailu/Gepard/March 7th: Healer/Shielder
Tingyun: Damage buffer

Note: This team will be Featured often in most if not all premium teams due to how strong Hyper carry Seele is in general as a team comp. Although secondary Premium comps will be Recommended if this team does not work out or is not available.

Clara= DPS / Taunter
March 7th= Shielder/ Taunter
Tingyun= Damage buffer
Bailu / Natasha= Healer

This team takes advantage of Bronya’s ability to summon waves, and Clara’s insane ability to deal AoE damage, coupled with Phys buff on this stage, everything that hits Clara should melt pretty fast. If survivability is not an issue when running March 7th only, the healer slot can be replaced with Sushang/ Phys MC instead. If Tingyun is not available, a DPS can be substituted instead

Note: Clara’s playstyle is extremely reactive and may not appeal to some players, as her main playstyle revolves around counters/getting hit. She also prefers to not be paired with action advance characters/speed buffers as to retain her buffs for a longer duration.


Sushang/ Phys MC = DPS
Phys MC/Dan Heng = DPS 
Natasha = Healer
Pela/ Serval = Debuff / AoE

A solid team that can tackle both ST and AoE content in this stage. Sushang and Phys MC are very solid units and can be placed in one team for this stage because of the Phys Buff and innate Phys Weaknesses of Bronya + Mobs she summons in this stage.

If Sushang is Unavailable, Dan heng can take her place instead. Pela is a great Def debuffer that improves overall damage for the team while also having AoE capability from her ult, Serval can substitute her place if Pela is not available as an option.

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