Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 3 Guide

Wave 1 Enemies

The majority of the enemies on this floor are weak to either fire or Physical so try and start the encounter with either of those elements. There isn’t a whole lot to talk about in this first stage although we do recommend focusing on the Everwinter Shadewalker first as their attacks are able to delay your ally’s actions if they are targeted.

Everwinter Soldier Ability

Wave 2 Enemies

As for wave 2, all enemies are weak to either Fire or Wind making Hook, Himeko and Dan Heng great DPS choices for this stage. When Ice Out of Space enters Freezing Point state it will start using an AoE attack which has a chance to freeze all allies. This state can be dispelled/broken if you apply weakness break, this makes Asta a notable option for her shield break capabilities.

Suggested Team Comps

As mentioned earlier Himeko, Hook and Dan Heng are great DPS choices in this stage as the majority of the enemies on this floor are weak to both Fire and Wind. Do keep in mind that this stage also has 50% Fire Damage Buff.


Seele: DPS
Bronya:  Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Bailu/Gepard/March 7th: Healer/Shielder
Tingyun: Damage buffer

Note: This team will be Featured often in most if not all premium teams due to how strong Hyper carry Seele is in general as a team comp. Although secondary Premium comps will be Recommended if this team does not work out or is not available.

Himeko = AoE
Seele/ Hook = DPS
Bronya/Asta = Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Bailu/ Natasha = Healer

This team can easily handle mob waves, with tremendous Weakness Break against the boss. Hook can substitute Seele if she is not available and will perform similarly just because of the fire DMG buff this floor gives. If one does not have Bronya, Asta can be used instead, despite being the weaker damage buffer, her weakness breaking capability in this stage is very strong.


Pela: Debuffer
Phys MC/ Sushang: DPS
March 7th: Shielder
Serval: AoE

Hook/Qingque/Phys MC = DPS
Dan Heng = DPS
Asta = Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Natasha = Healer

A solid team that can handle what the stage throws at you. Hook is extremely preferred if she is available, however, Phys MC or Qingue can take her place if Hook is not an option available.

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