Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 2 Guide

Wave 1 Enemies

The first wave of stage 2 FH consists of 3 Automatons and 1 Silvermane guard; you can enter this battle either Lightning and/or Physical as there are 3 enemies weak to those elements. We recommend trying to focus down 1 enemy at a time to guarantee a kill or breaking the Automaton Hound’s shield to prevent them from healing the enemy team.

Automaton Hound’s Healing Skill

Wave 2 Enemies

As you enter wave 2 there are 2 Automaton Hounds in this wave and should be dealt with similarly to wave 1 by focusing them both down. If both Automaton Hounds are left unchecked they will most likely heal off the damage you have dealt to the Automaton Direwolf thus prolonging the fight.

Automaton Direwolf’s Skill

As for the Automaton Direwolf, there are two skills you will have to look out for, the first of which is the “Lock On” ability. This is a windup to a bigger skill called “Felling Order” which deals massive Physical DMG to 1 ally, you can easily identify the target of “Felling Order” as there will be an icon that indicates it on top of the target (Refer to the Image below).

This can easily be dealt with by applying a shield to the targeted character, thus preventing another ally from being targeted by “Dismantle”.

Suggested Team Comps

For this stage, a shield is highly recommended to prevent the Direwolf from being able to activate the 2nd effect of Felling Order. There is also a 50% Ice DMG buff to all allies applied to this floor, which is important to keep in mind. 


Seele/Yanqing: DPS
Bronya:  Skill point generator/Damage Buffer
Bailu/Gepard/March 7th: Healer/Shielder
Tingyun: Damage buffer

The usual hyper carry team comp that aims to brute force the stage, both Bronya and Tingyun aim to buff Seele’s damage output to one shot both Automaton Hounds. While there isn’t much of a need for weakness break on this stage, Tingyun, Bailu, Gepard, and March 7th are able to apply weakness break on to the boss. Both Gepard and March 7th get a special mention as they are able to apply shields preventing Felling Order from activating its 2nd effect.


Pela: Debuffer
Phys MC/ Sushang: DPS
March 7th: Shielder
Serval: AoE

A Mostly F2p team with the exception of Pela only being available in gacha at the moment. Pela can be replaced with Dan heng (More recommended as Serval should be enough for all the AoE units) or Herta if needed. Phys MC can be substituted for Sushang if available as she has the capability to deal more ST damage against Direwolf.

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