Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 15 Guide

Stage Enemies 

Gepard Wave 1

Wave 1 mainly consists of enemies that are weak to Physical and Ice, so it is highly recommended to enter the encounter with a Physical attack. You will want to start out by defeating the Cannoneers first, as they can quickly rack up damage with follow-up attacks if left unchecked. After the Cannoneers have been taken care of, we recommend focusing on the Silvermane Soldier, as he can reduce the DEF of the targeted character.

Gepard Wave 2

Gepard Details

As for wave 2, you will be going up against the main boss of this half which is Gepard. 

At the beginning of this stage, the Cannoneer will always give support to Gepard. This means if the Cannoneer is left alive, then he will continuously perform follow-up attacks if Gepard attacks. Because of this, we want to get rid of him ASAP. After either all enemies have been cleared on the field or if enough turns have passed, Gepard will use “Siege Support” to summon new units to the field. This can either be 2 Silvermane Soldiers or 1 Silvermane Cannoneer. After summoning units, he then immediately follows up with “Garrison Aura Field”, which blocks 1 instance of damage until they are attacked. Another skill to look out for is “Frigid Waterfall” which deals a large amount of damage to the entire team. This skill can, in theory, be completely skipped if you apply Weakness Break before his next turn. 

Cocolia Wave 1

There isn’t a whole lot to talk about in this first stage although we do recommend Weakness Breaking/bursting them with AoE as Everwinter Shadewalker as their attacks are able to delay your ally’s actions if they are targeted. 

Cocolia Wave 2

Cocolia Summoned Ice Edges Skills

As for wave 2, you will be going up against the main boss of this half which is Cocolia. 

As you enter this wave, Cocolia will usually use her multi-hit skill “Chill of Bone-Piercing Coagulation” twice. During her next turn, she will only have 1 action, where she will use “Omen of Everlasting Freeze” to summon 2 Ice Edges. After the Ice Edges have been summoned, one of them will automatically get a turn and cast “Icy Wind”. Finally, the last skill to look out for is “Punishment of Endless Winter”, this skill deals massive AoE Ice damage to the entire team. This skill also has a 1-turn wind-up where Cocolia will have to cast “Wrath of Winterland Saints”; During this turn Cocolia will also cast “Hoarfrost of Eternal Isolation” to freeze 1 ally. While the wind-up skill can be canceled by applying Weakness Break, Cocolia will unfortunately just recast “Wrath of Winterland Saints” after her shield is recovered.

Suggested Team Comps

Team Comps 

Team 1

Clara = DPS/AoE
March 7th = Shielder
Tingyun = Buffer or Sushang = DPS
Natasha/Bailu = Healer

This team takes advantage of Geopard’s ability to summon waves, and Clara’s great ability to deal AoE damage, coupled with Phys  on this stage, everything that hits Clara should melt pretty fast.  if Tingyun is unavailable, Sushang or a Preferred DPS can do

Note: Clara’s playstyle is extremely reactive and may not appeal to some players, as her main playstyle revolves around counters/getting hit. She also prefers to not be paired with action advance characters/speed buffers as to retain her buffs for a longer duration.

Team 1 Alternative

Sushang = DPS
Welt/Pela= Debuffer 
Bronya / Tingyun / Asta = Buffer
Natasha/Bailu = Healer

Sushang needs to be rather well raised for this team to work, as she will be doing the brunt of the damage. A rather simple comp with buffers/debuffers helping the Main DPS and a healer.

Team 2

Seele/Hook = DPS
Jing Yuan/Serval = AoE
Leftover Healer/Shielder
Fire MC = Shielder/ Taunt or Asta = Buffer

Seele can easily abuse the mechanics of Cocolia via her summoned mobs, she can cycle Resurgence very often if the player can rotate between them.  Although the team would most likely tank some hits from them for this, it is very much worth the DPS gains. The AoE units are there to dwindle Summoned Mob HP to enable Seele to One-shot them to enable her Resurgence Talent

Team 2 Alternatives

Himeko = AoE or Qingque = AoE/DPS
Hook = DPS 
Asta = Buffer / Weakness Breaker
March 7th = Shielder or Leftover healer

Himeko can apply weakness break to summoned mobs and Cocolia for days, while hook does most of the ST DPS. They pair rather well together if Hook has the LC “Woof! Walk Time!” as DMG is increased towards enemies inflicted with bleed or burn. The user wants to use this on Hook anyways as it is free/purchasable in the LC shop of memory hall. 

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