Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 14 Guide

Stage Enemies 

Bronya Wave 1

Wave 1 mainly consists of enemies that are weak to Physical, so it is highly recommended to enter the encounter with a Physical attack. You will want to start out by defeating the Cannoneer first, as he can quickly rack up damage with follow-up attacks if left unchecked. After the Cannoneer has been taken care of, we recommend focusing on the Silvermane Soldiers, as they can reduce the DEF of the targeted character. If left unchecked, this can quickly rack up damage. 

Bronya Wave 2

Bronya summoning 2 Silvermane guards and having “No Weakness” buff

During Bronya’s first 2 turns, she will likely use Coordinated Reinforcement, where she will summon 2 Silvermane guards. While the Silvermane guards are alive, Bronya will receive a buff where you will be unable to deal any Weakness Break damage, moreover when Bronya is under this effect, she will begin to follow a pattern of using 1 basic attack and following it up with either Combat Redeployment or Suppressive Fire. 

Svarog Wave 1

As for the second half of Stage 14, the first wave starts off with 3 Automaton Beetles. An overall simple and straightforward wave with not much to it. However, an important thing to keep in mind is the Automaton Beetle is able to apply a shield onto itself that blocks all incoming damage instances for 1 time, this means even multi-hit skills are ineffective against it.

Svarog Wave 2

Before we get started on the Svarog boss fight, burst down the Automaton Hound that comes with him to prevent them from healing him. Svarog has a few skills you will want to look out for, the first of which is “Shrewd Bombing”. This deals damage to allies and has a high chance to reduce their DEF. Since this is considered a debuff, it can be removed by characters that have a Cleanse, such as Natasha and March 7th. Next, we have “Burning Beam”, which deals damage to a single ally and delays their action, nothing we can really do to cancel the action delay effect caused by this skill. However, this can be baited/manipulated by taunting/increasing the aggro towards a character that does not need their turn right away. Finally, we have “Boost Deployment”, which summons an Auxiliary Robot Arm Unit, the arm is able to confine one of your allies at random. The confinement can be easily canceled by applying Weakness Break onto the arm. We strongly recommend defeating the Arm, as if left unchecked it can detonate and deal massive damage to an ally.

Refer to the image below for the Auxiliary Robot Arm Unit’s skills:

Suggested Team Comps

Team 1

Clara = DPS/AoE
March 7th = Shielder
Tingyun = Buffer or Sushang = DPS
Natasha/Bailu = Healer

This team takes advantage of Bronya’s ability to summon waves, and Clara’s great ability to deal AoE damage, coupled with Phys  on this stage, everything that hits Clara should melt pretty fast. if Tingyun is unavailable, Sushang or a Preferred DPS can do

Note: Clara’s playstyle is extremely reactive and may not appeal to some players, as her main playstyle revolves around counters/getting hit. She also prefers to not be paired with action advance characters/speed buffers as to retain her buffs for a longer duration.

Team 1 Alternative

Sushang = DPS
Pela/Welt = Debuffer 
Bronya / Tingyun / Asta = Buffer
Natasha/Bailu = Healer

Sushang needs to be rather well raised for this team to work, as she will be doing the brunt of the damage. A rather simple comp with buffers/debuffers helping the Main DPS and a healer, do take care of Bronya’s mobs as she is able to dish out good damage if left unchecked. User can also focus on her if DPS is high enough.

Team 2

Seele/Hook = DPS
Jing Yuan/Serval = AoE or Dan Heng = DPS
Leftover Healer/Shielder
Fire MC = Shielder/ Taunt or Asta = Buffer

Seele can easily help Imprisoned team members by weakness breaking/destroying Svarogs summoned hand. The hand can be detrimental to a run if left alone to its devices for a long time. If it gets to the point where it is self destructing, a somewhat raised Fire MC will be able to tank a shot instead of instantly annihilating a team member. A healer is more preferred in this floor due to the nature of the buffs given.

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