Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 13 Guide

Stage Enemies 

Automaton Grizzly Wave 1

Wave 1 of first half will have 3 Automaton-type enemies that are all weak to Lightning. While there are 2 Automaton Spiders, they will not automatically be set to Detonate, which gives you time to focus on the Automaton Hound instead. You can then prioritize defeating both Automaton Spiders to prevent them from Detonating. 

Automaton Grizzly Wave 2 and Summoned unit

Wave 2 consists of a single Automaton Grizzly and Beetle. As the Grizzly gets a turn, it will summon 2 Automaton Spiders that will automatically be set up to detonate. After summoning the Spiders during its next set of turns, it will automatically follow up with a teamwide taunt and enter a charged state, then deal AoE damage to the team however, if you are able to apply Weakness Break to the boss, it will cancel the charged state (AoE attack). If you bring only Single Target damage dealers, there is a possibility that they will be taunted and be unable to deal with the Automaton Spiders. Because of this, we highly recommend at least having 1 AoE damage dealer to be able to deal damage to the Spiders even when taunted. If you are unable to Weakness Break the boss in time, make sure your team has sufficient health to tank through the AoE/have your healers ultimate ready.

Ice Out of Space Wave 1

Wave 1 of the second half of Stage 13 comes packing. There are a few high-priority targets in this half, the first of which are the Quantum Reavers. They are able to deal damage to 1 main target and enemies adjacent to them and can quickly rack up damage if unchecked. We recommend getting rid of them ASAP. If you are unable to bring down either of the Quantum Weavers, we recommend going for the Automaton Hound instead as it can heal off the damage you have previously dealt.

Ice Out of Space Wave 2

As for wave 2, all enemies are weak to either Fire or Wind making Hook, Himeko, and Dan Heng great DPS choices for this stage. When Ice Out of Space enters Freezing Point state, it will start using an AoE attack which has a chance to freeze all allies. This state can be dispelled/broken if you apply Weakness Break. This makes Asta a notable option for her shield break capabilities.

Suggested Team Comps

Team 1  

Yanqing/Hook = DPS
Jing Yuan = AoE/DPS/Weakness Breaker or Serval= AoE
Tingyun = Buffer or Pela = Debuffer
Fire MC = Shielder/Taunter

This floor gives 25% respective HP Shields to teammates, which means that Yanqing can get a pass and can be ran without Gepard/March 7th (Yanqing getting his HP directly reduced will remove his buffs). Fire MC will be able to tank through enemy attacks thanks to floor buff as well. As long as she’s applying her taunt/skill often, she will be very unlikely to get knocked out. Jing yuan will take care of the mobs and applying massive weakness break. 

Team 2

Seele/Dan Heng = DPS
Qingque = AoE/DPS
Bailu / Natasha = Healer 
Bronya / Asta = Buffer

Units cover most of the weaknesses of this stage, while having slight AoE Capability. a healer is slightly more prioritized over a shielders here as the Quantum reavers will moderately damage your units at the start. Stage provides passive shielding anyways. 

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