Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 12 Guide

Stage Enemies 

Searing Prowler Wave 1

Wave 1 opens up with 1 Automaton Hound, 2 Automaton Spiders, and Incineration Shadewalker. We recommend focusing on the Automaton Hound first as if it is left unchecked, it can potentially provide healing to its allies, thus prolonging the battle. 

Searing Prowler Wave 2

To start off this stage, make sure you defeat both Incineration Shadewalkers as quickly as possible. If left unchecked, they can both apply burn to your team, which can apply a DMG buff to the boss. This makes Cleansers such as March 7th, Natasha, and Bronya a great option to dispel the burn. If you plan to bring a taunter/tank for this stage, we recommend placing them on either the left or rightmost corner to reduce the number of allies hit by the adjacent attack (Combustion Slash).

It is important to note that if you are unable to clear this wave quickly, you should consider constantly applying Weakness Break often to make sure the boss does not snowball into several stacks of Mania (High-Temperature Operation). Its notable attack pattern is to apply Mania onto itself and then follow up with a strong AoE attack (Dancing Cinders). 

Silvermane Lieutenant Wave 1

For the second half of this stage, you will be mainly going up against Silvermane Soldiers, as the majority of this wave has their weakness spread out, you can start the encounter with any of these elements Physical, Ice, Wind, and Quantum. We also recommend trying to bring down the Silvermane Cannoneer first as he is able to launch AoE follow-up attacks with his allies. 

Silvermane Lieutenant Wave 2

The Silvermane Lieutenant’s attack pattern will usually start out with him attacking one of your allies with Assault followed by summoning 2 Silvermane guards with Reinforcement. Usually after casting Reinforcement, he will immediately follow it up with Shield Reflect. This applies a buff on to him where he will counter one instance of damage with Pierce. Even if you decide NOT to attack the Silvermane Lieutenant, he will most likely cast Pierce on his next turn. Bringing an AoE damage dealer can also cause issues during this boss fight, as if you accidentally target the Silvermane Lieutenant with a stray AoE attack it will cause the Silvermane Lieutenant to counter that character.

Note: Pierce can most likely do enough damage to either outright KO or bring their HP bar extremely low (if your artifacts, character level, or light cones are not raised)

There are generally 2 ways to deal with this. The first is to either bring the Silvermane Lieutenant’s shield close to being broken (DO NOT APPLY WEAKNESS BREAK YET), you then want to wait for the Silvermane Lieutenant to cast Shield Reflect, then apply Weakness Break to cancel the Counter state to prevent taking damage from Pierce. Another option you have is to completely ignore this mechanic completely by baiting out the counter. If you intend to try this strat, we recommend applying a shield on 1 character and then have them attack the Silvermane Lieutenant to tank through the damage.

Suggested Team Comps

Team Comps

Team 1

Yangqing / Dan Heng = DPS
Pela = Debuffer / Buff dispel or Welt = Weakness Breaker, Sub-DPS, Action delay
Gepard = Shielder or Jing Yuan / Serval = AoE
Bailu / Natasha = healer 

Yanqing is a very solid ST DPS However if his HP is directly damaged, his buffs disappear. This is where Gepard comes in. Since His shield is AoE and very tanky, this prevents Yanqing from losing his buffs. Gepard can easily cycle through his ultimate if he has energy generation from Link rope main stat. However, if needed, the player can replace Gepard for AoE units such as Jing Yuan or Serval. Pela works great here because she is able to dispel the ATK buffs (Mania/Molten) from the bosses without needing to Weakness Break them. This helps survivability indirectly, while also benefiting from Def Down and Weakness break from Pela. 

Team 2
Clara = DPS
March 7th = Shielder
Tingyun = Buffer Or Seele / Sushang = DPS
Leftover Healer or Fire MC = Skill point generator, pseudo healer – We are Wildfire light cone

Clara does well here as she can force a counter from the boss, triggering her counter. Do take caution as his counter does hurt a little bit and can accidentally take out Clara. If Tingyun is not available, A preferred DPS can be substituted instead. Such as Seele or Sushang.

Team 2 alternative

Seele / Sushang = DPS
Leftover healer or March 7th = Shielder 
Fire MC = Tank or Preferred DPS
Bronya / Tingyun / Asta = Damage buffer 

A simple DPS carry team with decent survivability. Fire MC can be replaced with preferred DPS if survivability is not an issue.

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