Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 11 Guide

Starting from stage 11 onwards stages will now require 2 teams to complete, containing 1 boss for each half.

Floor Buff: At the beginning of each cycle, restores HP for the ally with the lowest HP by 60% of their Max HP. 

Stage Enemies 

Blaze Out of Space Wave 1

In the first half of this Stage you will be going up against Flamespawns and Blaze Out of Space, every enemy in this stage is weak to Ice so we recommend opening this encounter with an Ice Attack or Technique.

Blaze Out of Space Wave 2

As for the second boss of this stage you will be fighting a Blaze Out of Space, while this is a relatively straightforward encounter there are still a few things to look out for. During the first few turns the boss will usually use Blazing Absorption to enter a buffed state (Spontaneous Combustion) which allows it to use its AoE attack (Rain of Purifying Flames). After entering a buffed state it will begin to spam Rain of Purifying Flames and use Molten Fusion to gain a stacking damage buff, this can easily be dealt with by applying weakness break to the boss. 

Frigid Prowler Wave 1

As for wave 1 of the second half we recommend entering with a Physical Attack/Technique, as 3/5  of them are weak to Physical.

Frigid Prowler Wave 2 and summoned unit

The Frigid Prowler has a few skills you’ll want to look out for. The first of which is a skill he usually opens the encounter with Frozen Storm. This deals a small amount of damage to the entire team and has a chance to apply Deep Freeze; more details about this debuff can be found below. The next skill we want to look out for is Summon Otherling and Devour Otherling. After casting Frozen Storm, the Frigid Prowler will mostly follow up by Summoning 2 Everwinter Shadewalkers. We recommend prioritizing defeating both Shadewalkers to ensure the boss is unable to absorb them and apply a defense debuff. If you are unable to defeat both Shadewalkers the boss will absorb them and then lock on to one of your team members then use Ice Wheel Crusher the following turn.

Additionally the Frigid Prowler will periodically apply a debuff to the entire team which decreases Ice RES by 20% and SPD by 12% with a max of 3 stacks, because of this you may want to consider bringing a Cleanser in your party to remove the debuffs.

Suggested Team Comps

Team Comps 

Due to the floors requiring 2 Separate teams, full f2p teams are now impossible simply because there are too few free units the game gives to the user.

Note: 1st unit mentioned will be the most recommended for the role, with subsequent mentions to be less priority or slightly weaker units for said roles for this floor. 


Team 1
Yanqing/Clara/Sushang = DPS
Pela = Debuffer/ AoE/ Buff removal
Bailu = Healer or Gepard = Shielder/Weakness Breaker | March 7th if Clara is DPS = Shielder
Tingyun = Buffer or Preferred DPS

Team 2
Seele/Qingque = DPS/AoE
Hook = DPS
Bronya/Asta = Buffer or Serval = More AoE if needed
Bailu if Bronya is in the team and available/Natasha = Healer/Debuff Cleanser

Team one covers all what is needed to be covered for Blaze Out of Space. Strong Weakness break and buff removal for the boss if weakness break could not be applied in time. SInce Blaze Out of Space has a stacking attack buff, removing them via Pela would greatly improve team survivability. Gepard can sustain the team by himself just because of the floor buff and his strong shielding capabilities and will protect Yanqing from losing his Crit DMG and Rate buffs. 

Team two also works very well against the second half of the enemies. Seele with multi turns can easily take care of the Mobs, while also dealing massive ST Damage. Hook can also contribute AoE (Enhanced skill) and good ST damage while inflicting good weakness break as most enemies are weak to Fire in this stage. Bronya can dispel any slow buffs Frigid Prowler may inflict on team units.

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